As the number of Americans with weight problems continues to rise every year, the number of experts that promise to combat these problems with special diet plans is also on an upward spiral. According to these self-proclaimed experts, their rapid weight loss diet plans will help you shed the excess pounds quite effortlessly.

Unfortunately, most of these diet plans don’t live up to their promises. While some of them can help you lose a significant amount of weight within a relatively short time, they hardly deliver the desired long-term effects. Typically, you regain the weight as quickly as you shed it once you stop following the diet.

Fortunately, there are tested and proven weight loss programs like the one offered by Mediplan. Offering medically-supervised weight loss programs, Mediplan works with you to help you make critical lifestyle changes in a bid to attain your weight loss goals.

To get started with the Mediplan weight loss program, you’ll first need to meet with a medical professional for some preliminary tests, which include the following:

  • ECG screening – An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test that assesses the heart’s electrical activity using sensors that are placed on the skin over your chest. It helps to determine the health of your heart.
  • BMI screening – A Body Mass Index (BMI) screening is a simple test for determining your weight category, such as healthy weight, underweight, overweight, or obese. It helps to determine the level of health risk your weight poses.
  • Examination – The medical professional will evaluate the tests together with your medical history. The evaluation is necessary to create a suitable weight loss program for you.

Personalized Weight Loss Program

Mediplan will create a personalized diet for you based on your medical examination results. This diet is designed to help you reach your desired weight loss goal. You may also be given prescription appetite suppressants, which help minimize hunger that usually comes with dieting.

In the course of your weight loss program, you’ll need to visit the MediPlan Diet clinic every month for a medical professional to evaluate your progress. During the visit, you can address all your concerns, including any problems with your diet, your accomplishments, exercise plan, and any other health issues.

Since the diet is personalized, it can be adjusted to meet your current needs. If followed diligently, MediPlan diet can deliver impressive long-term results.