Mediplan Diet has been in the weight loss business for many years and we have found these tips to be tried and true for weight loss results.

View Dieting as a Lifestyle Change

Thinking about diet as a form of suffering that you are on temporarily won’t help you much. To maintain a healthy-looking body, one of the weight loss helpful tips would be to need to make the changes in your diet permanently. Think of dieting as a lifestyle and not something that you may end up changing. It is okay to go off track sometimes and indulge in your favorite food, however coming back to the healthy diet is important. The most important time period of your diet are the first two weeks, research suggests that the amount of weight that you lose during that time has effects on your weight loss success journey in the long run. We would suggest that you completely cut alcohol, sugar and refined carbs at least in the beginning. After that, slowly start adding all these things back in your routine. Limit yourself and set goals that are achievable.

Exercise Is Important

Working out is the best solution to burn calories quickly but our bodies are biologically programmed in a way that they hold onto the extra fat. Working out builds the muscle, enhances our metabolism and burns calories. However, we sometimes underestimate the calorie intake and overestimate the calories that we burn. While most people rave about the amazing effects that cardiovascular exercises leave on our bodies, we assure you that there is nothing better than interval and strength training. For quick results, do four sessions of cardio exercises burning 350 plus calories and strength train for at least 3 days per week.

Munching Is Your Worst Enemy

Sometimes, people find it hard to lose weight because they cannot control the hunger anxiety. These people have this misconception that they need to avoid the feeling of being hungry, as if it is something extremely dangerous for them. They have snacks on them at all times and they keep eating with regular intervals. While others eat out of boredom and stress, the habits prolongs to the extent where binge eating is bound to happen. Every time the clock ticks 6:00, you don’t have to run to the cafeteria to get something to eat. Experts say that you shouldn’t eat anything unless your stomach stats to growl. Using the HALT technique can help you control the urge. This means that you ask yourself the reason behind your hunger every time you feel the urge of eating. If you still feel that you are hungry, try eating an apple. If you find the apple to be delicious then you actually were hungry. However, if it doesn’t then you were only bored or stressed.

All Calories Are Different

While the weight loss success mechanics are quite simple, the type of food that we eat makes all the difference. Processed food has higher amounts of sugar, starch and fat in them so they disrupt the hormones. This way your body sends your brain the wrong signals, as a result you eat way more than required. Junk food is also said to be addictive, no matter how much you eat you would still want more. The easiest way of keep the calories in check is by taking the healthy route. Exchange your processed food items and junk food for unprocessed whole foods. Add lean proteins, vegetables and healthy carbs. In just a week, your brain will recover and start receiving the right signals. Eventually you will start feeling less hungry and your eating routine will improve. Furthermore, it is better that you log everything in a diary so you know your daily intake.

Stick To The Three P’s

Want to drop pounds like a pro? Start eating the three P’s; Plant based fats, Produce and Proteins frequently. Proteins build up our muscles that keep our metabolism fast which further helps in burning more fats. Go a little overboard with protein intake, this way you will lose more weight rather than staying within the recommended daily allowance. The produce, such as vegetables contain few calories however fruits may contain too many. So make sure that you keep them in check. Plant based fats are healthy for you, items such as avocados and olive oil keeps you full and satisfied. Incorporate all these into your snacks and every meal.

Stay Away From Backfiring Techniques

Crash dieting, skipping a meal and limiting to juices only will only make the situation worst. This is the worst thing that you could ever do to your body. Portion sizing on the other hand is a different story. It won’t trick you into overeating and it will also protect you from the long term effects that crash diet has on your body. Scale your calorie intake so you don’t starve yourself to death.

Mediplan Diet wants to help you lose your weight the healthy way. We shared some of our secret weight loss helpful tips with you because we want you to embrace your healthy body. We hope these tips provide you with the right amount of motivation. For further details about our weight loss success programs contact us, we would be more than happy to guide you with the right plan.

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