All over the internet you can stumble upon a wide variety of outlandish diets claiming to promise weight loss in a month or even a few days. The promises seem enticing but sometimes you really need to be more analytical in order to determine what is realistic and what is not. While a lot of disagreement show up on the health world, majority of nutrition experts believe that approaching weight loss would be better slowly and steadily.

Before you start with your weight loss plans, you should always keep in mind that one month is way too short to achieve dramatic weight loss. It would be best to set more realistic goals like losing 2-3 pounds each week. Numerous crash diets can bring forth rapid weight loss but they usually come with serious health risks. In addition to this, majority of the weight lost consists of water weight and this tends to make you gain weight soon after you stop with the diet. The best thing to do is aim for a healthy weight loss plan. Realistically, you can lose around 10 pounds within a month without having to risk your health.

Cut Calories

Your intake of calories directly gets associated with your weight. In order to achieve effective weight loss, cutting at least 500 calories daily should be achieved. When you do this consistently for seven days, you can effectively lose one pound per week. Different ways you can do to cut on calories is by eating smaller portions and by replacing fries and sweets with fresh vegetables, fruits, and salads. Utilize a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Stay away from sodas and other sugary drinks so you can trim down your caloric intake. Just make sure that you do not go under 1200 calories per day because this will affect your energy along with your nutritional deficiencies.

Choose the Healthiest Foods

Effective weight loss in a month requires a balanced diet. You have to consume foods that would reflect your healthy lifestyle. Such examples of these foods are green leafy vegetables, fruits with high fiber, and milk substitutes with low fat. An intake of complex carbs is also crucial to lose weight. You can also opt for different types of grains such as quinoa, chia seeds, hemp and buckwheat. Opt for wheat pasta or multigrain bread instead of white pasta. It would also be better to eat lean proteins like skinless poultry, lean read meat, tofu, nuts, egg whites and soy.

Avoid White Carbs

Prevent yourself from eating white carbs except after working out because these carbs cause weight gain. Examples of these are bread, rice, potatoes, cereal, fried food and pasta. Keep in mind that this simple tip can affect your plans for weight loss in a month.

Drink Water Properly and Consistently

The eight glasses of water per day is no joke. Yes, you might have heard that since your elementary days but there is a reason why it gets thrown out so often. Well, that’s a nutritional fact. Drinking that amount of water per day helps you detoxify and hydrate your system. Water also works best as a substitute for drinks filled with sugar such as sodas and juices. Think about it, drinking water properly keeps you full and that battles your hunger cravings. Great alternatives are drinks that are blended with slices of lemons, orange or lime. You can also opt for herbal teas like green tea. You can also include chia seeds.

Stay Away from Processed Foods

Once in a while, it is acceptable to indulge but if you seriously want effective weight loss in a month, you should avoid eating unhealthy foods such as potato chips, sodas, white pasta, candies, processed sugar, energy drinks or sugary coffee. Processed foods will derail your weight loss plans if you give in too many times. Stay firm on your diet and do not stray away from your goals.

Commit to Regular Cardio Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise helps improve the capacity of your heart to pump blood. This assists in the improvement of your metabolism and it also works your body effectively compared to other training exercises such as lifting weights.

Walk Daily

Weight loss in a month does not require very intensive workouts. Regular exercise would be enough if performed on a consistent manner. A daily walk could already serve as good exercise that can assist in losing 10 pounds within a month. An average person who weighs 150 pounds can shed 600 calories just by walking for one hour. To sum it up, you need to target 2 hours per day so you can lose 2 pounds in a week. You do not have to go for 2 hours straight because you can break you exercise up into smaller parts.

Perform Squats

Squats can help you achieve effective weight loss in a month, especially if you combine it with proper diet. Squats can help in strength training exercises. It helps in building lean muscle mass. When you improve on your muscle mass, you help speed up your metabolism. The reason behind this is that it causes burning of more calories. It works out the majority of the muscles located on the lower part of the body. If you want maximum results, perform a minimum of 3 sets with 15 repetitions daily. 

The tips mentioned above should be performed consistently for weight loss in a month to become realistically effective. You need to always keep in mind that it’s all up to you. You can make this mission possible if you aim for it and strive for it like there’s no tomorrow. These tips are only a few of the most effective ones that you need to utilize. There are other alternatives available to choose from. Just make sure to be highly critical of these methods before deciding on one. Weight loss should not be looked upon as a tough hurdle overcome but rather be considered as a challenge to achieve a better lifestyle and a longer life.

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