Believe it or not, the holiday season is right around the corner.  From Thanksgiving gatherings to the endless Christmas parties, trying to lose weight during this season can be difficult.  However, if you follow a few simple tips, the holidays won’t completely de-rail your weight loss journey.  Here are a few things to keep in mind during this fabulous season!

Serve up a smaller portion size!  Due to the celebratory nature of the season, here’s always that temptation to binge eat or indulge in more than your usual share of food. That shouldn’t be the case. Serve yourself smaller food portions and save more calories. Eating less food at a time won’t deprive you. Research shows that you will still feel satisfied just like someone who indulges in larger portions of foods.

Stay away from the alcohol!  Of course, we understand that the holiday season brings forth a festive mood in you. However, if you don’t want your efforts at the gym to go to waste, it is advisable for you to avoid drinking too much alcohol. The larger your alcohol consumption, the more difficult it will be for you to control what you eat. And, of course, we are all aware of the high-calorie content in alcohol. If you must have a drink in your hand to blend in well with the crowd, we´d suggest you sip water or club soda.

Keep track of what you are eating!  It’s so easy to lose track of what you’re eating during the holidays. This is because it would really be difficult to count all that calories that are present on the buffet table while everyone else is actually helping themselves to the treat.  You actually don’t have to sacrifice all the food that you love. You simply need to know which of these food items are good for you especially in terms of helping you lose weight.  This brings us to our next tip –

Make a plan!  Take time to do a once-over of the items on the menu and decide what is healthy – and what is not.  From there, you can decide where you want your calories to come from.  It may be helpful to prepare something for yourself that you can ensure will not derail your diet plan.

Maintain your routine!  If you usually walk everyday, continue walking.  If you see your helpful team at Mediplan Diet once a month, keep seeing them!  Maintaining your routine will help to keep you on course to reach your weight loss goals!

Sticking to a diet program during the holidays can be difficult. However, if you are really motivated to keep those excess fat off your body, then it is a must that you have the correct mindset to help you stay healthy and fit during the holiday season.  For more help with your diet plan, contact Mediplan Diet Services today!