That one song you love: I probably hate it.

That quote by Oprah that inspired me to drop a few pounds last year: you’ll find it patronizing.

And don’t get me started on the Minion-emblazoned pictures all over Facebook these days. What’s that about?

Nothing in this world is inherently motivational. You see, just like beauty being in the eye of the beholder, inspiration – and the sense of motivation that inspiration may instill in you or me – is likewise in the eye of the so-called beholder.

You see, motivation is not some elemental building block of the world around us waiting to be mined or harvested by artists, Olympic athletes, and those of us on weight loss journey. Motivation is instead generated by our perception of the world around us.

So, nothing is motivational. Wow. That sounds awful. Empty. Disheartening.

But it’s not! Because motivation comes from inside each one of us, we have the freedom and the capability to find inspiration in – and feel motivated by – anything at all.

Even a Minion quote on your Facebook feed.

So, what’s this mean?

It means that you shouldn’t be worried about “finding” motivation. Honestly, based on my own experience and discussions with friends and clients here at Mediplan Diet Services, I’ve found that the more you search for motivation, the more elusive it becomes.

For instance, I’ll paint this scenario. You wake up one morning and you’re just not ready to face your treadmill. The energy just isn’t there. Do you really believe Googling treadmill motivation pictures will do much to change your mindset?

It’s not likely. If you’re anything like me, gazing at the fake smiles of models in generic workout imagery will just make you feel a little guilty and more than a little upset.

Not very motivational at all.

But if you instead simply close your eyes and think about the many reasons you deserve to live a healthy, active, and happy life, I bet you will find the motivation to step on that treadmill – be it your kids, your skinny jeans, your spouse, or goodness knows what.

Now THAT’S motivation.

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