Feel that crisp nip in the air? To some, that signifies the end of a summer of fresh, juicy, and delicious produce.

But it shouldn’t.

Sure, the cooler weather marks the end of summer – and a distinct reduction in the kind of locally-grown summertime produce we’ve become accustomed to finding at the farmer’s market.

But it’s not the end of the world.

Look around the market and you’ll begin seeing new and different types of produce that’s just really peaking and coming into season. Here’s a list of our favorite fall flavors and links to a few great recipes that are as healthy as they are fresh and delicious.


There are a bushel of delicious apple varieties coming into season this month and whether you prefer them raw as a snack, topping a salad, or baked into an entree, the time is now to stock up on a few Red Delicious, Honeycrisps, and Granny Smiths.

How about a fun and delish apple recipe?

I found this awesome pumpkin waffle w/sautéed apples recipe at The Year in Food. Give it a try!


Here in Memphis and the Mid-South, fresh and locally-sourced sweet corn is still growing strong! Pick up a few ears at the farmer’s market this weekend and whip up this tasty Mexican Corn Salad recipe that we found online at the Love & Lemons blog.


Now, of course, nothing says fall quite like a menu full of pumpkin dishes. And oh my, is the pumpkin versatile! From pumpkin soups, salads, and pumpkin spice dinner rolls to the ubiquitous pumpkin pie, the popular gourd can provide the foundation for any number of amazingly delicious – and incredibly healthy – fall family feasts.

There are COUNTLESS pumpkin recipes online, but far and away, one of my favorites is this Pumpkin Energy Bites from the Gimme Some Oven blog!

These snacks are a great pre-workout power up that provide a healthy dose of energy without weighing you down.

Inject your fall menu with local flavor using these great recipes and keep it fresh all season long by incorporating other fall produce such as broccoli, beets, eggplant, peppers and more.

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