Reaching your weight loss goal won’t happen overnight. Seeing real results takes a healthy dose of patience combined with your hard work and will power.

But encouraging you to have patience doesn’t mean you have to expect to wait too long to experience real body changes. Trust me!

Click this link and watch an incredibly inspiring video about a woman who set a goal of hitting the gym for one hundred days.

One hundred days! Rehearsals for your kid’s last production of Our Town lasted longer than 100 days. (And honestly, aside from your kid’s performance, did all those rehearsals really pay off?)

Try giving yourself a one-hundred day goal and see what you can accomplish – and the results you’ll get by accomplishing it.

You may not have the time to get to a gym everyday. That’s fine, your goal needs to be uniquely your own anyway. Set a goal of limiting calories to 1,250 per day or enjoying a daily stroll around the block. Whatever it is, make sure you have the means and the time to make it happen and go for it!