What comes to mind when you think of Easter? If visions of jellybeans and all things chocolate dance through your head, you’re not alone. Easter can be a challenge for anyone who leans toward sweet cravings.

The good news is you can enjoy a variety of foods on your Easter menu and keep your weight-loss plan in check. All it takes is some planning and foresight. Here are some troubleshooting tips to make the most of your Easter celebration without overindulging.

Eat a high-protein healthy breakfast.

Breakfast is vital on any day of the week but especially important on a day when a party or holiday can throw a wrench in your regular dietary regimen. Starting the day off with lean protein, fruit, and whole grains will keep you satiated for several hours and reduce the likelihood of impulse eating as the day goes on.

Choose your sweets carefully.

Depending on your family tradition, there may be an ominous variety of confection on hand. Leave the sugar-laden jellybeans for the kids. Instead, choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is richer and more intense in flavor, therefore less likely to be over-consumed. Plus, it contains potent antioxidants!

Reduce your portion size.

If you are partial to milk chocolate over dark, there is no harm in enjoying a couple of pieces of quality confection. Maybe a marshmallow chick or bite of a chocolate bunny is more to your liking. Eat slowly and deliberately, enjoy it and be mindful of the choices you made as you plan your food intake for the rest of the day.

Mix and match the sweets with healthy alternatives.

Add some healthy sweet choices to the menu, including chocolate-covered strawberries or pineapple and low sugar, low-fat cookies, or cakes. Do the same for your main meal. Salads, steamed vegetables, sweet potato, and whole-grain bread are excellent accompaniments to baked ham or roast.

Focus on time with family and friends.

Enjoy the social aspects of your family gathering. Reconnecting with loved ones and sharing stories and laughter are just as important as the food you eat. Don’t miss out on making memories because you are so focused on food.

Spend some time outdoors.

If you feel like taking a nap after a big dinner, do the opposite. Get up, get active, get the family outside! Go for a walk and enjoy some fresh air after your big meal. It will aid in digestion and burn off some of those extra calories.

Remember your long-term objectives.

You’ll need to make permanent lifestyle changes to achieve permanent weight loss. Special events are a part of life. There is nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence along the way. Keeping sight of the prize will allow you to enjoy everything the holiday has to offer and stay on track with your long-term health and weight loss goals. 

Need a Hand Maintaining Your Diet This Easter?

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