It’s getting warmer, and you’re likely starting to think of everything you want to do this summer. If getting in better shape is on that list, there’s no better time to start than now. Spring is symbolic of change, so what better way to treat yourself than to transform and feel great about yourself.

Healthy Vegetables Are in Season

Higher than normal insulin levels in your body can lead you to store fat rather than lose it and may even cause weight gain. Green veggies are great at lowering this insulin—veggies in plentiful supply during the spring season.

Next time you enjoy some springtime cuisine, be sure to dine outside, alfresco style. Doing so may encourage you to eat mindfully, savoring the food and giving your body enough time to realize it’s full, all while enjoying the health benefits of that fresh spring air and Vitamin D.

In this day-and-age, many restaurants focus on healthy options. Try drinking a delicious smoothie with a high-quality salad in a picnic setting.

Warmer Weather Means Burning More Calories

Losing weight and exposure to Vitamin D are related, it turns out. Those who suffer from obesity often have lower Vitamin D levels than those at a healthy weight. Studies have also shown that increasing your Vitamin D intake can help you lose weight.

The easiest way to get Vitamin D is by stepping outside. The sun is an excellent source for this vital nutrient, and spending time outdoors during the springtime may help you shed those pounds.

On top of that, as the temperature increases, so do your chances of losing weight. When you’re active, your body burns calories, and, as it turns out, the higher the temperature, the more calories you’ll burn. However, strenuous exercise in high temperatures can be dangerous. That’s why spring, when it’s warm but not unbearable, is an excellent time to lose weight.

The Timing is Great

Daylight Savings’ may feel like it’s throwing a wrench in your day, but the silver lining reveals itself in the morning when you wake up after an extra hour of sleep. That’s good news for those who strive for that energy boost to get them started in the morning.

The more rest you get, the more energy you have, which means you won’t crave those unhealthy options to wake up, i.e., soda, energy drinks, or sugary foods.

Waking up to the sun gives a nice dose of Vitamin D first thing in the morning, which helps boost your mood and puts you on the right trajectory.

You’re Not the Only One

As winter comes to an end, more people are flocking to the gym to get in shape for summer. It’s not a bad idea to utilize their motivation and ride alongside them. It’s also an excellent opportunity to find a workout buddy to help keep you going. Studies have shown that those who work out together lose more weight than those who go solo.

Try Out MediPlan Diet Services This Spring!

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