Could choosing the right on-the-go snacks for weight loss help you stay on track? Absolutely. Eating more frequently is part of most modern diet plans for busy lifestyles, but finding snacks to satisfy us without packing on the pounds can be tricky.

Don’t worry; the professionals at MediPlan Diet Services have found a few great choices, including the ten healthy snack options below.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

One of the most obvious choices for a healthy snack is a natural source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber: fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a great snack for when you are on the go because it is filling but low in calories, perfect for keeping your weight loss goals on track. Our favorites include:

  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Grapes
  • Strawberries, Blueberries, and many more

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Did you know that hard-boiled eggs make an excellent snack for weight loss? They are full of protein and other nutrients, as well as being effortless to prepare. Boil a few eggs at the beginning of the week and store them in the refrigerator for quick, healthy snacks.

Greek Yogurt

Yes, Greek yogurt is delicious, but it is also a nutritious snack on the run. It is high in protein to keep you fuller for longer, and it is also low enough in calories to be a weight-loss-friendly snack.

Beef Jerky

One high-protein snack that will satisfy your hunger without weighing you down is beef jerky. Be sure to choose a jerky product that does not include added sugar or other artificial ingredients for the healthiest option.


One small handful of nuts is a perfect snack to help you lose weight. Nuts are high in protein and healthy fats, which will keep you feeling full and satisfied. However, you should avoid nuts high in salt or sugar.


What is the healthiest alternative to potato chips or other processed snacks? Popcorn! This wholegrain is perfect for weight loss if it is not coated in butter or salt (the best choice is air-popped popcorn).

Canned Tuna

As a great source of protein, canned tuna is healthy and convenient on the go. Choose a tuna product packed in water or olive oil.

Sliced Deli Meat

A lean source of protein is even better for maintaining diet goals, and sliced deli meat is an excellent option. Pair it with wholegrain crackers or a piece of fruit for a balanced, delicious snack on the run.

Regular Cheese

A small portion of cheese is a perfect snack for weight loss, but serving sizes are important to limit your fat intake. It is high in protein and calcium to keep bones strong and satisfy hunger.

Cottage Cheese

Another delicious and nutritious option is cottage cheese, an excellent source of protein and calcium. It is low in calories and pairs well with most other items.

Connect with the professionals at MediPlan Diet Services at 901-362-7546 today for tips that can help you reach your weight loss goals and find the right balance. These are just a few of our favorite on-the-go snacks for weight loss, but we also offer a variety of supplements that could help along the way.