The desire to lose excess weight is easy to come by.

A stray glance into your full-length mirror from that one special, horrible angle can inspire a burning desire to lose weight. A surprising number on the bathroom scale, your upcoming high school reunion, THOSE JEANS: nearly every day, we may be bombarded with any number of things that inspire a desire to drop pounds.

But how do we find and maintain the energy to put in the work necessary to lose weight?

It’s not always easy.

Sorry. Hate to burst your bubble.

But it’s not. Between chauffeuring vanfuls of kids, maintaining a clean house, and working a 9 to 5, the physical energy it takes to successfully lose weight and get healthy is hard to generate.

But here are five proven ways to boost your energy, enrich your lifestyle, and improve your weight loss journey.

Don’t Skip Breakfast!

It’s a common – although incorrect – assumption among new dieters that simply skipping breakfast (or another meal, perhaps) may be an effective way to eliminate calories and lose weight.

Bad idea.

Skipping a meal, particularly breakfast, not only alters the efficiency of your metabolism, it opens the door to a serious energy slump later in the day.

So, Grandma was right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start the day with lean proteins and whole grains to help provide your body with the energy to power through your daily routine and maybe have enough energy left over to squeeze in a workout!

Eat Whole Grains

This dovetails with the last one in a very real way. I mentioned starting your day with lean proteins and whole grains. I’d encourage you to keep consuming those grains throughout the day.

Here’s why:

When you eat a sugary meal or snack, you are certainly likely to feel a quick – albeit short-lived – energy boost. But a snack or meal built on a foundation of healthy whole grains provides a more consistent and long-lasting energy that won’t leave you feel wiped out once the so-called sugar high wears off.

Take a Power Nap

Seems kind of obvious, doesn’t it?

If you need an energy boost, take a nap!

Numerous studies have shown that 15- to 30-minute midday naps can fend off the energy-zapping stress of your daily routine.

But, we get it – not everyone has time for a power nap, and that leads us to our next tip…

Eat a Power Snack

Unlike power naps, we can easily eat a power snack while we participate in that conference call with the Sacramento office, haul our kids to soccer practice, or try to make some sense out of what’s going on in the playroom. Seriously, how do the mess it up so fast?

Energy-boosting snacks are more than just a Snickers bar out of the break room, however. The perfect power snack combines a dose of protein, some healthy carbs, and even perhaps a modest fat content.

Think yogurt with berries and almonds, a granola bar, or whole wheat crackers with a bit of peanut or almond butter spread on them. Yum!

Have a Latte

Alter your coffee order to a low-fat latte. The milk adds a shot of protein to your shot of caffeine and provides the added benefit of offering a little calcium into your morning pick-me-up!

A successful weight loss journey takes commitment. It takes effort and it take hard work.

All of that takes energy.

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