We all know that water is crucial to your health.  Research has shown that about 60 percent of your body is water. It is also a major recipe for most foods. Water helps regulate body temperature and PH, transports nutrients through the blood stream, removes waste from your body and forms saliva.  But let’s face it – it can be boring!

So, how do we get the correct amount of daily water intake without denying our tastebuds?  Fruit infusions!  It is easy to add some pizazz by making flavored fruit water. Using fruits and herbs can create endless combinations of drinks for your enjoyment and health.

Making your own flavored water is surprisingly easy. Similar water is often served at spas, but you can give yourself the same refreshing treatment at home as well. These will not end up being sweet drinks. Instead they contain subtle flavors thanks to being infused with fresh fruit.

Here are a few popular combinations:

  1.  Lemon + Mint + Cucumber + Water
  2. Strawberries + Basil + Water
  3. Orange + Blueberry + Water
  4. Watermelon + Kiwi + Strawberry + Water
  5. Raspberry + Lemon + Water

Keep your flavors simple and keep the process simple. You don’t need a blender, you don’t need to boil anything and you don’t even need any sort of fruit-infusion pitcher unless you want one. You only need a regular pitcher, a muddler or wooden spoon and a few minutes of your time.  Check out these other tips for making flavored water!

Enjoy the summer with these flavored water treats!