Your body’s metabolism is the combination of processes that transform food to energy. The more efficient your metabolism, the easier it is to lose weight. And we’ve just the thing to rev up your metabolic motor.

We all diet differently.

Think about your neighbors. Think about the one who is closest to you in height, weight an age. Now imagine that you both vow to consume the same amount of calories and perform the same kinds of exercise for a period of six weeks.

Now, if the calorie intake you chose to consume is less than your usual total and the exercises you choose burns more calories than your typical daily activities, then you will both likely drop a little weight.

But the amount of weight you lose will almost certainly not be the same as your neighbor.


In a word: metabolism.

The rate and efficiency with which our bodies burn calories and transform those calories into energy go a long way toward how fast – and how easy – it is for us to lose weight. So, is there some way we can improve the efficiency of our metabolism?

Why, yes. As a matter of fact, there is. And your friends here at Mediplan Diet Services have it!

Our proprietary chromium picolinate supplement is formulated to rev up your metabolic motor.


After we consume calories – you know, after we eat – our bodies secrete the hormone insulin. This post-meal insulin transports glucose to our body’s cells. That’s where our chromium picolinate comes in.

Tests show that chromium picolinate supplements stimulate the activity of our bodies’ insulin and aids its efficiency and efficacy.

Bottom line:

Remember your neighbor who’s eating and exercising the same as you? Take chromium picolinate as directed and you’re likely to win that weight loss battle. Every. Single. Time.

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