Goal setting is a big part of the weight loss journey.  You know what you are looking to accomplish and by what date.

Having long-term goals are great. They’re necessary. But getting too caught up in the big picture may cost you the little victories that you need – and deserve – to reach your ultimate goal. Losing 30 pounds by beach season is a brilliant idea. But it’s a terrible goal.

Here’s a quick comparison of a few realistic versus unrealistic goals.

Unrealistic Goals

Realistic Goals

I want to lose weight

I aim to lose 2 pounds per month until I and my doctor feel comfortable with my weight.

I will exercise 3 times per week

I will walk 20 minutes per day (Mon, Wed, Fri) and on Thursdays will take a Zumba class

I will eat less calories per day

I will reduce my calorie intake to 1500 calories per day and will use an online or smartphone food journal to keep track of the foods and drinks I consume.

I will follow a diet until I lose those extra pounds

My ideal weight is 135lbs., so I need to lose 17 pounds by following a 1200 calorie diet.

The team at Mediplan Diet can help you determine what a healthy goal is and will help guide you to the finish line.  Each month during your weight loss journey, you’ll visit MediPlan Diet Services for a one-on-one conversation with a doctor or nurse practitioner. Here, you can discuss, in detail, your successes and your issues with your diet, exercise plan, your past medical history and current feelings regarding your health and fitness.

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