It can be tough to stay healthy. It can be even tougher to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle when you’re on vacation. It’s important to eat right and remain active even if you’re resting and relaxing on a summer vacation. A vacation might be a break from work, but it shouldn’t be a break from staying in shape or a break from your weight loss plan. If you have a trip coming up then keep these helpful tips in mind while you travel.

Eating Healthy

When you’re staying in a hotel you can’t really cook your own healthy meals. Fast food can seem very tempting and convenient, but steer clear. Pack your favorite healthy snacks for between meals and try to plan all of your meals in advance. When you book your hotel, familiarize yourself with area restaurants and dining options. When you eat out be sure to pick those grilled options on the menu over the fried ones.  You can also use apps for your phone, such as Eat This Not That! to help make better choices when dining out on vacation.

vacation_tips_mediplanStay Active

Traveling sometimes comes with long periods of sitting in the car or on a plane. This can make being active difficult. To keep in shape and keep up with your fitness routine try to book reservations at a hotel with a nice fitness center. Don’t skip your workouts.  While you’re out and about enjoying your vacation destination, try to walk from place to place if you can. Vacation is a great time to take a long walk on the beach, take a hike or go swimming!

We hope you enjoy your summer vacation!