MediPlan PedometersIf you’re serious about your walking routine you should definitely invest in a good pedometer. You don’t necessarily need to spend a ton of money, but you should get one that is at least around $25. The cheaper pedometers almost always wear out in about six months, especially if you are a vigorous walker. When it comes to pedometers, you really get what you pay for.

The cheaper pedometers have flimsy hairspring mechanisms. Not only do these wear out, but they are also known for being inaccurate. The longer-lasting, more durable pedometers are made with coil-springs or are completely electronic.

Along with steering clear of the ultra-cheap models, you can also safely steer clear of most of the super-expensive models too. Unless the pedometer comes with additional instruments, any claims of extra stats like speed, distance and calories burned are going to be inaccurate. If you want these stats you will need to look for a pedometer with heart-rate monitor or GPS.

Here are some pedometer suggestions to get you on the right track:

Omron’s Premium Digital Pedometer – Omron makes a nice, affordable pedometer that clips to your belt. It has a 7-day memory and resets at midnight. The Premium Digital model costs a little more, but has dual motion sensors for added accuracy. It is also suitable to be carried in your bag or purse.

Oregon Scientific Pedometer – The Oregon Scientific Pedometer is very basic and easy-to-use. It even comes with a calorie counting feature for a very affordable price. It has a 7-day memory and clips to your belt. There is a wristwatch-style model that costs a bit more, but is also worth considering.

The Strollometer– This pedometer is perfect for moms that take their baby along with them for walks. The Strollometer clips to almost any stroller and has a screen that is very easy-to-read. It does not measure your steps and instead measures distance with good accuracy.

Forerunner 50 by Garmin – The Forerunner 50 is a more advanced pedometer for a higher price. It does come with those additional instruments including a heart rate monitor and GPS. It clips to your shoe and then transfers your data to your computer so you can look at it after your walk or run and track your progress.

MediPlan can provide you with even more resources to help you lose weight and get in shape. If you are looking to improve your health through fitness there are supportive specialists to help you every step of the way toward success.