Ah, springtime!

Rebirth, renaissance, and renewal.

No, I’m not talking about lively and fresh green fescue in your lawn or vibrant new colors in your flower garden.

I’m talking about the annual resurgence of health and fitness blog posts that trot out the same tired list of things you should do to “get ready” for the beach.

At best, those lists are unreasonable.

At worst, they’re offensive.

The best solution in our estimation: ignore them. Here are two reasons why.


If you’re the kind of person who reads this blog regularly, then you’re likely already employing a weight loss and health strategy plan. If that strategy is working, don’t alter it simply because the season’s changing! The diet changes you’d likely need to make to adhere to this beachbody plan could distract you from your primary health goals. Ultimately, it’s a bad decision.


If you aren’t currently employing a weight loss strategy, then diving right into an accelerated plan that bases its success on as short a term goal as fitting into a swimsuit is also a bad decision. These quick-fix diet plans – by necessity – do little to support you with regard to long-term health and wellness.

So, is there nothing you can do to get your body ready for the beach? Of course there is. You can keep up the amazing work on your current diet plan or talk to us at Mediplan Diet Services to map out a journey just for you.

While that’s certainly not as sexy as a top-ten list. It’s sure a lot more honest. And I believe that ultimately, it’s a lot more helpful.