If you don’t have enough energy, time or are just not interested in going to the gym, however, you enjoy spending time in swimming pools, then you will be happy to know about the following swimming pool workouts that can help you in the reduction of weight and staying healthy. These workouts will not only help you burn calories, but will also allow you to tone your core and abs to help you get the body shape you always wanted.

Check out these pool exercises and start doing them today.


Great for: back, arms, hips, abs, and hamstrings
View example video here!

Tread water in the deep end make small circles with hands. Lift one leg straight at hip level in front of you and reach the toes of the other leg at the bottom of the pool. Hold it for 5 seconds. 

Switching legs quickly and continuing for 30 seconds for either side will help in quickening the process of toning.

Otter Roll

Great for: Abs, hips, back, and legs
View example video here!

Hug a beach ball to the chest, extend legs, keep your feet together and float on your back. Roll on one side over the top of the beach ball, just like an otter spinning in water. Use your entire body, core, legs, back and shoulders, to make the complete roll and return to start. Take a deep breath and do it again. Continue doing it for 30 seconds changing the direction of revolution.

Ball Lever

Great for: Back, shoulders, abs, and triceps

Hold a beach ball with stretched arms in front of you. Float in chest deep water with your face down and legs extended behind you. Keep your feet together.

Put a ball underneath you while keeping your arms straight. Draw it through water and towards the arc of your thighs as fast as you can. Bend elbows when the ball reaches the thighs and bring it back to the same position to begin from the start again.

Pike Skull

Great for: Hips, arms, and abs

Stand in the shallow side of the pool and sit back into water while simultaneously lifting both legs up and treading with hands on the sides. Fold at the hips and let your body form the position of a V. Keep your toes and head above the surface. Maintain this position for about 30 seconds and keep propelling yourself forward.

There are a number of other pool exercises that you can do to tone your body and reduce weight. These exercises are excellent for the people who don’t like going to the gym much but enjoy when in the pool. Keep coming back to us for more exercises you can do in pools to keep your body toned and reduce weight.