Do you avoid standing in front of the mirror and looking at yourself because of the belly flat that you have? Do not feel bad – you are not alone. Belly fat tends to accumulate in everyone with age and most of this hidden fat is also called visceral fat. Visceral fat accumulates around our organs as a sort of safety net in case of accidents but too much of it is unnecessary and unappealing.

What’s more, although this belly fat may come naturally, there are ways with which you can cut it down and even get a flat belly. With a little dedication and some control in your diet, you can attain the beautiful in shape belly that you have always dreamed of.

Here are ten ways to reduce belly fat:

Consume Less Sugar

Although completely avoiding sugar is impossible, there is still hope if you’re considering weight loss in Memphis and elsewhere.

Sweetened beverages are the major source of sugar in our diet. All sweetened beverages whether they are coffee, juices or soft drinks, give us a lot more sugar than we need. They have excess of fructose which gets sent to the liver and due to abundance, the liver is forced to turn it into fat.

Instead, try alternates such as whole fruit juices. They contain a lot of fiber which is good for your health.

Increase Protein in your Diet

Protein has been known to be a key player in reducing belly fat. The reason for this is that more protein in your diet reduces your craving for fattier foods and also boosts your metabolism by 80%. Studies show that your protein diet is inversely proportional to belly fat.

So, for best results with weight loss in Memphis, go down to the supermarket and grab some fish, meat, dairy products and seafood. Also, eggs are the savior when it comes to protein because there is nothing easier than boiling two eggs which will provide you with an ample amount of protein in your diet.

Fiber is the way to go

When it comes to a healthy stomach, it is important to have fiber in your diet as it mostly comprises of indigestible plant matter. You get the good nutrients with lesser material being left behind to be accumulated as fat.

But in consuming fiber, it is important to research what kind of food has viscous fiber as other fiber enriched food products mix with water to form a gel which can slow your digestive process. Most fruits and vegetables are high in viscous fiber.

Go low-carb

Having a low carb diet can really boost your weight loss. When you consume more carbs, your body keeps on storing fat as fuel reserves. But when you limit your carb intake, the already stored fat in your body is used as fuel for your everyday tasks.

Exercise a little everyday

Exercising can go a long way. Every morning when you wake up, exercising for even a half hour can prove to be wonderful for your body. Running, swimming and cycling are some of the best exercises to reduce belly fat.

Along with losing belly fat, this will have a good long term effect on your health as well. So lace up those running shoes because you’ve got some fat to burn to attain weight loss in Memphis.

Calculate Calories

It is important to calculate how much of what you are eating. Start to take note of the amount of calories you are ingesting and make it a habit to research a little bit about all the food you eat. It helps you to keep a track of how much is required and how much is in excess.

Two table spoons of vinegar

According to experts in Metabolism studies, vinegar is known to have acetic acid which helps produce proteins which help to burn up fat. Two tablespoons of vinegar do wonders for people trying to lose weight but it is not to be taken with a spoonful of sugar to improve the taste.

Get enough Sleep

Sleep of 5 hours or less is known to increase visceral fat levels in your body. So try to complete 8 hours of sleep every day. Although excess sleep is not good for you as it leaves you feeling lazy all day, but lesser sleep leads to more fat due to stress on the brain.

Have green tea

Green tea is known to have antioxidants which help people lose fat as they exercise. Not only does green tea helps you lose fat but is also known to improve the circulatory system of your body, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to go greet the world with open arms.

Control your breathing

Yes, controlling your breathing can be a good way to lose weight. Yoga is based on controlling your breathing and most Yogis are in the best shape we’ve seen. Slow your breathing down when working out and you will experience a drastic change in your weight loss and feel less annoyed or agitated.

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