Decreasing calorie consumption is an essential part of losing weight. The best way to reduce calories consumed is to track your progress through a fitness app. Logging your calorie deficit provides a clear picture of where you can improve and helps you set clear goals. As you log information week by week, you can look back on the goals you’ve accomplished as a great motivational tool.

Here are some of the best apps you can use for counting calories.


MyFitnessPal tracks weight loss and recommends daily calorie consumption. The homepage shows how many calories you’ve eaten each day and how many calories you’ve burned through exercising.

The app provides a nutrition database that contains over 11 million foods. You can save your favorite foods or meals for future reference and add new ones with their barcode scanner. There is also a forum where you can chat with other users about recipes and workout tips.

MyFitnessPal is free, or you can pay $49.99 a year for the premium version, which offers VIP support.

Lose It!

A standout feature of the Lose It! app is the personalized calorie plan based on gender, age, and physical attributes. They provide weekly and monthly calorie consumption reports and weight loss progress graphs.

Lose It! has a database containing over 27 million food items. In addition to scanning capabilities, you can use their Snap It feature to log your food by taking photos.

The Lose It! Premium version is only $39.99 a year, offering wellness challenges, support groups, and other customizations.


FatSecret is a user-friendly, detailed app that provides a daily weight loss chart, journal, and extensive recipe library. In addition to calories, their homepage breaks down your daily intake of carbs, protein, and fat. A monthly summary is available, providing daily calorie counts and monthly averages.

This popular app boasts a feature called “Challenges,” enabling you to compete in dietary exercises with other users. 

The best thing about FatSecret is that it’s completely free.


Like the other fitness apps on this list, SparkPeople comes equipped with a calorie counter, food diary, and barcode scanner. You also have the option of viewing your daily stats as a pie chart.

The biggest highlight of SparkPeople is the active online community. A massive amount of support is available via message boards, health news, fitness challenges, instructional videos, meal suggestions, and blogs by wellness experts.

You can try SparkPeople for free, but some features are only available with the premium version. Upgrading costs $4.99 a month, or $39.99 for lifetime access.

Reduce Your Calories Today

Experts say that counting your calories helps weight loss. By tracking your calorie intake with an app, you can see your daily progress and stay motivated. Having access to a supportive online community also helps in reaching your desired weight loss and fitness goals.

Not every calorie counting app is right for you. Find the one that benefits you the most, and start counting today! If you need further help picking the best app or for more calorie-torching tips, contact MediPlan Diet Services at (901) 362-7546.