Losing weight isn’t easy, but it is easier when you have a dedicated, caring support system. Here’s why we think we can be that for you.

Accountability. Advice.

A hand to high-five after the victories along your weight loss journey and a shoulder to cry on during the challenges.

Obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is a process that’s far easier when you’re not alone. That goes a long way toward explaining the rising popularity of the kinds of internet- and more specifically social media-based fitness apps and tools that allow us and our network of friends to communicate about our weight loss progress.

Making sure you’re never alone on your weight loss journey is exactly the reason we wake up and come to work every day.

Here at Mediplan Diet Services, we pride ourselves on offering our clients not only a customized fitness and weight loss plan, but also a system of support to help ensure that those clients execute the plan as successfully as possible.

Here’s how:

On your first visit, a member of our medical team will perform a careful and thorough exam to begin to determine your overall health and fitness level. From here, our consultants will work with you to devise a diet and fitness plan, recommend any supplements they feel are necessary or may be helpful, and provide the kind of insight and inspiration that comes with our record of success.

Are you committee to lose?

The key to a weight loss buddy system is to stay in touch. Makes sense, right?

Regular contact keeps you motivated. It keeps you inspired. And it keeps you committed.

And if you’re committed to lose, we’re committed to making it a little easier to do so. As part of our Committed to Lose Club, you’ll save money the more you visit.

Here’s how.

When you attend three consecutive regular monthly consultations, we’ll discount the cost of the fourth consecutive regular monthly appointment. Those monthly get-togethers will help us track your progress and make any necessary alterations or additions to your health plan.

When you think it’s time to lose weight, remember it’s easier with the buddy system. And when you think of the buddy system, think of us.

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