There has never been nor will there ever be a so-called magic pill for weight loss.

It’s too bad, but it’s true.

But the modest daily multivitamin may come pretty close.

Now, we both know that a vitamin pill won’t melt away fat, block bad cholesterol, or burn off excess starch. But what a multivitamin can do for you during your weight loss journey truly is vitally important.

Here are our top-three reasons you should include in your daily regimen a multivitamin such as our own Mediplan Diet Services’ Daily Plex.

Replacement of Naturally-Obtained Vitamins

The most effective weight loss strategy for almost anyone is to reduce our caloric intake. In simpler terms: eat less food. The problem is, the food we eat is not only a source of calories, of course. It is also our primary source of body-building and health-benefitting vitamins and minerals.

So, when we reduce our caloric intake, we also very likely reduce our vitamin intake. A daily multivitamin supplement picks up the slack to help keep your body’s organs and systems healthy and operating smoothly.

Counteracting the Effects of Some Diet Aids

Certain weight loss and health supplements can affect the body’s ability to effective absorb vitamins. It doesn’t mean there’s a problem with the diet aid – even some of the supplements we proudly offer after careful testing can alter how your body processes vitamins. To combat this, simply take a daily vitamin supplement.

Helping You Drop a Few More Pounds

Over the years, several notable studies have linked a daily multivitamin regimen with weight loss.


As far back as 2010, a study on obese women in China revealed that women who took a daily multivitamin exhibited lower BMI levels, fat mass and cholesterol levels than women who did not take the supplement. The results were interpreted to imply that the multivitamin’s benefit upon the body’s systems allowed for or instigated weight loss.

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