June is a busy month of transitions. The kids get out of school, new routines are developed, and vacations are planned, enjoyed, then finally recovered from. We realize that all of this leaves little time for blog reading.

So, play a little “ketchup.”

Here’s a rundown of what we talked about this month.

As the middle of 2015 approaches, we looked back to January and asked ourselves to examine our weight- and fitness-related New Year’s resolutions. Read more in the post titled Revisiting Your Resolutions.

In our post That’s my Jam, we highlighted some of our favorite new – and old – workout songs. Go read the post, download a few hit songs and get to work!

In our post titled The Buddy System, we discussed the advantages of teaming up with like-minded people to find success losing weight. And we explained why we feel like Mediplan is the best friend you could have.

Is your pooch always in the way while you’re trying to exercise? Read our blog post The Fido Fitness Plan and learn how to workout WITH your dog!

Life changes don’t have to be life-altering. Discover a list of Small Changes that Yield Big Results.

Just because a food item is “healthy” doesn’t mean it’s “low calorie.” Learn about a few of these surprising calorie bombs in our post Heathy foods. High calorie count.

Summer’s here and we all need to be on guard against heat-related sickness and injury. Learn more in our blog post titled Summertime Shape Up.

Do you suffer from intense cravings? Don’t let them derail your diet plan. Learn how in our post Crush your Cravings.

Whip up delicious an low-calorie holiday desserts with recipes in our post Declare Your Independence from High Calories.