At various points along our weight loss journey, we’re either inspired by it, searching for it, sharing it with others, or lacking it completely and wondering what’s wrong with us and why we can’t move this party from where I sit on the couch to the treadmill in the spare room.


What is it really? And why is it so important to feel “motivated” or somehow inspired to workout or to eat more sensibly?

The answer to that second question seems easy enough, I guess. For some of us, choosing to live a healthy lifestyle can be more difficult than allowing ourselves the luxury of fast food, daytime TV, and yoga pants as fashion statement rather than workout wear. And because it’s more difficult to live healthier, we need to be inspired to make the effort to do so.

So, let’s examine the first question.

What exactly is motivation?

Is it the kitten grappling onto a tree limb type of images we see on Pinterest when we search for “Weight Loss Motivation?” Is it finding an old photo of you of prom night (oh, God! That hair – but the dress holds up) or seeing a friend’s before/after pics on My Fitness Pal?

It’s really not.

Motivation is internal. It’s how you process that kitten poster, prom photo or before/after pic and derive inspiration from it. That’s why some folks appear to need little to no motivation from outside sources to lose weight.

(Good for them. Leaves more Pinterest for me.)

And because true motivation is internal – it’s also certainly deeply personal. The messages, events, memories or goodness-knows-what-else that inspires my desire to live a healthy lifestyle may likely be vastly different from the things that keep you focused on your health goals.

What motivates you?

Your kids? Your friends? Pinterest (look for me!)? Find what helps you focus and get inspired. Then contact us here at Mediplan Diet Services to learn how we can help you stay focused on your goal and live a healthier lifestyle!