The last time I went to the gym, I saw one guy so wired up with fitness trackers, earbuds, and stylish workout wear that I was convinced he was auditioning for some Six Million Dollar Man TV show reboot.

I went old school on you there. Sorry about that.

The sight got me thinking, however, that perhaps I could benefit from integrating a few new school tricks into my fitness routine. I realized it’s been a while since I examined the state of fitness technology – and at the speed at which technology advances, that probably means I’ve missed some pretty cool stuff.

Here’s a list of what I found to be among the most well reviewed and potentially beneficial examples of the latest fitness technology and fashion.

First the tech:

FitBit Charge HR

The wearable tech digital magazine Wareable (yep, there actually is an online magazine exclusively for wearable tech) lists the FitBit Charge HR as its overall best fitness tracker for 2015. Among its winning attributes, Wareable editors list the FitBit Charge’s continuous heart rate monitor, smartphone integration, daily stat display and wristband size and color options.

Jawbone UP2

This fitness tracker actually scored higher on many of the Wareable editors’ lists, but fell just short to the FitBit Charge in overall voting. Reviews of this wristband tracker highlight its ease of use and – thanks to a lower price point than the FitBit Charge – a bit better “bang for your buck” factor.

Moov Now

In their Best For Runners category, Wareable put the stylish and effective Moov Now tracker at the top of the crop. When paired with your smartphone, your Moov Now device will track your running and biking and help you work smarter, move faster and even rest more efficiently.

Now honestly, what are any of these devices worth if we don’t feel like we look good while working out? Not much, I say. So here’s a look at some of the most well reviewed workout fashions for fall.

Lululemon Swiftly T Shirt

The material that this shirt is made from features what’s called silverescent technology. I’ll spare us both the science and just get to the point: this shirt helps to keep you from stinking up the gym during a sweaty workout.

Seriously. The fabric inhibits the formation of smelly bacteria!

I’m literally throwing money at them right now.

You can to right here:

Athos Capris

Athos is an apparel company that tries to seamlessly meld fashion and technology. Their capris are no exception. These pants feature built-in sensors that track muscle activity, heart and breathing rate, and more.

Sync your pants with your smartphone (there’s a sentence I never dreamed I’d type) and enter the true modern age of fitness.

Discover more Athos products here: