I have a sweet tooth.

Scratch that. I have a mouth full of sweet teeth.

I just don’t really feel like I’m finished with a meal until I enjoy something sweet. Granted, over time – and with the development of considerable willpower on this manner – I’ve managed to curb this craving to a degree.

Honestly, it’s less about curbing a craving and more about finding workable solutions.

For instance, I don’t pull a pint of ice cream out of the freezer after dinner (any more); I can usually satisfy my post-meal sweet tooth with a mint, a chocolate kiss or two, or a stick of sugar-free gum.

Feel my pain?

If you, like me, suffer from a severe case of sweet tooth, I have great news! First, I’m going need you to place the package of Oreos down onto the counter and take three steps back. Now, have a look at my top ten trade offs to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Fresh Fruit

It’s simple. It’s timeless. And it can work. A cup of chilled or frozen berries or grapes is healthful and deliciously sweet. If you can spare a few extra calories at the end of the day, try dipping into melted dark chocolate. Remember, stay away from milk chocolate and moderation is key.

Chocolate Milk

Enjoy right out of the fridge or heated for a sweet source of calcium to end your day.

100% Fruit Popsicle

Be mindful to pick out the all-fruit treat from your grocer’s freezer to avoid unnecessary sugar!

Graham Cracker with Peanut Butter

If you’ve been good throughout the day and have a few extra calories to spend, add a light layer of Nutella, too! (This one’s a personal favorite.)


Fold a bit of natural peanut butter into a serving of Greek yogurt and discover a tasty dip for fresh fruit.

Try the ol’ switcheroo and trade out your favorite dessert with one of these to save a few calories while satisfying your sweet tooth.

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