Do you know why we weigh too much?

Because we eat too much.

That sounds flip and simplistic, but in a very real way, it’s true. As a culture, we’ve grown accustomed to “super-size” meal deals, “all you can eat” burrito bars, and “endless” breadsticks.

It’s enough to distort our perception of what an adequate serving of food even looks like. Turns out, our breadsticks really should end. And they should probably end a little sooner than we’d expect.

Portion Control

One of the most practical ways we can begin losing weight is to become more aware of how much food we’re eating. When we’re acutely conscious of how much of what we’re eating, the work of losing weight becomes a little easier. And the best way we can track – in actual and measurable numbers – the food we eat is by weighing it.

Yep. Turns out your bathroom floor may not be the only place a scale might come in handy on a successful weight loss journey.

There is no better tool you could have in your kitchen to help you control portion sizes than an accurate food scale.

But where could you possibly find a food scale that you can trust?

We’re so glad you asked!

Memphis diet tipsOur experienced dietician have put a number of food scales to the test over the years and we’ve now found one that meets our most stringent demands for convenience, durability, ease-of-use, and – above all else – accuracy. We’re proud to offer them for sale at the Mediplan Diet Services location.

Call today or click the Schedule an Appointment button at the top of this page to get helpful, real-world tips on controlling food portions at meal and snack time. While you’re here, pick up a food scale and don’t “weight” any longer to begin your journey to a slimmer, healthier body.