Have you made a plan to follow a healthier diet for a better physical appearance? People who do this, often seek advice from others who are more experienced in the matter, but that experience may lead you to making some dietary decisions which might not be as healthy as you thought they would be.

Here is some of the advice that you should not follow for a healthy diet.

Diet Soda instead of Regular Soda

Soda may be able to give you small bursts of energy but with a very heavy price to pay, literally. Soda is the main cause of obesity in most people. When you start receiving advice about dieting, you might hear the words, “Diet soda is better than the regular variety.” Well, that is not true. Soda, in any form, is not good for your metabolism and is a very common source of diabetes. Boycott soda for a healthy diet and switch to alternatives like organic fruit juices or green tea.


Cleansing your body by going on a strict diet of concoctions that might have you go “bleh” is not a good idea. Your liver and kidneys are a natural detoxification system and you should feed them to have your body working the way it should. Detox may help you lose a bit of weight initially but that is because you are starving yourself. Once you are back to your old routine of eating, the weight’s going to come back. Introduce some green vegetables to your everyday diet and you should be good to go.

Carbs are the worst

Although it is true that refined carbohydrates might make you gain weight, it is also a major food group that you cannot just eliminate because you heard it is bad from someone. There are healthy ways to incorporate your favorite foods like pasta, bread and potatoes into balanced dietary plans. They are a major source of energy for your body after all. Carbs are thus, not the worst, but having only carbs is not advisable either.

No Pizza!

Mostly people going on diets tend to abstain from certain foods that they think might be damaging to their whole diet plan. Foods like pizza, fries and cake might not be good if you have all three on the same day, but pacing yourself and having a slice once a week won’t do as much harm as you have been told. Take a slice when offered now and then but try not going for seconds and it is always good to share.

If you are looking for more advice that will make your diet less painful, Memphis diet experts can help you devise a good diet plan for you. To enjoy food that satisfies your body and taste buds, make an appointment with Mediplan experts and find out what you can still eat freely when on a diet.