While the holidays bring numerous enjoyable things, such as spending quality time with loved ones and the chance to visit a new destination, there is one thing that most people want to avoid: weight gain. 

We get it; it’s difficult to avoid gaining weight over the holidays. After all, it’s a time to let loose and relax, and counting calories can kill the festive spirit. Moreover, holiday fare is usually sinful and calorie-laden, and no one wants to be the killjoy at a party. 

However, holiday weight gain is avoidable if you plan and pay attention to your meals.

Here are four tips from MediPlan Diet Services to help you avoid those dreaded holiday pounds.

Avoid Simple Sugars

Baked goods and desserts are staples of most holiday meals. While it’s fine to eat these foods occasionally, it’s easy to overeat during the holidays. Avoiding these foods altogether is the best way to prevent overeating.

That said, this does not mean you should deprive yourself of holiday treats. There are ways that you can enjoy holiday fare while practicing healthy eating. If you’re craving sweets, choose fruits or pastries that use sweeteners such as honey or monk fruit. 

Practice Portion Control

Portion sizes play a huge role in holiday weight gain. When you’re eating out, chances are you’ll eat a more significant potion than at home, especially if you’re at a buffet.

Using a smaller plate is a great way to practice portion control. It also helps to eat more slowly. Eating slowly gives your brain time to pick up on the fact that you’re full.

These small changes to your eating habits are easy to adopt, and you won’t feel pressured during the holidays.

Watch Liquid Calories

There’s no shortage of liquid calorie sources over the holidays. Unfortunately, liquid calories are empty; they’re full of simple sugars, devoid of nutrients, and cause your blood sugar to skyrocket. However, as with portion control, you don’t need to abstain from liquid calories completely. 

Set a limit before you go out to eat or drink, and stick to it no matter the circumstance. If possible, go for a low-calorie option such as a light beer. You should also avoid dairy-based drinks since these add even more calories. 

Get Physical

Sedentary activities are common during the holidays. However, the increased calorie intake combined with inactivity can leave you feeling uncomfortable and sluggish. Physical activities are a great alternative to spending all day on the couch and watching TV.

A simple walk around the block is a fantastic way for your family to start incorporating physical activities into your holidays. A walk can get your blood flowing, increase endorphins, and give your family time to bond! 

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You deserve to celebrate the holiday with your loved ones without worrying about holiday weight gain. These four simple tips allow you to enjoy your holidays and still practice healthy eating.

Yes, it’s having your cake and eating it, too! If you’re looking for more tips on weight loss and healthy eating, contact MediPlan Diet Services at 901-362-7546.