Thanksgiving may be about being thankful for what you have, but for many of us, it’s also about being thankful for pie—and turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls—the list goes on. This decadent holiday ranks high on the list of potential diet busters, but you can keep your diet in check during Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season even. Here’s how.

Grab a bite before you get to the dinner table

Sounds ridiculous, right? Why should you eat before you get to the dinner table? One of the best ways to cut weight is to opt for small meals rather than one heavy meal. When they are passing around drumsticks, and other calorie-rich Thanksgiving treats, you will be too full to think about stuffing yourself with more.

Leave your baggy jeans alone

One of the biggest motivations to overeat has to do with dressing. When you are too comfortable with your baggy jeans and oversized t-shits, you will find more food on your plate. Instead, try glamming yourself. Wear something fancy for once, and you won’t have any space for food wearing your curvy skinny jeans.

Plan what’ll end up on your plate

Before you get to the table, have a rough idea of what you are going to put on your plate, and stick to it. Once you build that discipline, you won’t be tempted by Aunt Jane to take up more gravy or sauce. You can calculate the number of calories in each serving.

Its either drinks or desert

If you often find yourself stuffing every dessert treat on the table on your plate and jugging down lots of festive drinks to wash it down, you’re very likely taking in some serious calories. If you don’t want to hit the gym afterward, pick either the tasty drinks or sugary treats—and even then, a little moderation would hurt.

Let others jump the line

The only line you should let others jump this Thanksgiving is the Thanksgiving buffet line. It is a neat psychological trick that works like a charm. When you are at the front of the line, everything looks enticing. You won’t be able to resist putting everything on your plate. But, after a couple of guys have taken some scoops, you won’t be in such a hurry to serve everything up.

Know when to call it quits

Food and company go well together. If you, however, don’t want the extra pounds, know when to call it quits. It might not be popular, but it’ll save you the agony of gaining those flaps around your tummy. Keeping a meal-ender like mints on you can be an easy option.

Help out with the cleaning

This might sound crazy. You’ll burn more calories helping out with the cleaning than taking a walk home! I have found carrying out the trash, all the sweeping, cleaning, and drying the dishes make me shed a few hundred calories. Don’t be shy—join the cleaning crew.