Staying motivated can be one of the hardest parts of committing to a healthy lifestyle. Everyone starts out being enthusiastic about eating right and sticking to their fitness routines, but then interest dwindles. You start snacking and you skip a workout then another and another. This can happen for a lot of different reasons. You may not be immediately seeing the changes you want or you might be comparing yourself too much to others. These factors can be discouraging.

No matter the exact reasons you feel you’re losing motivation or if you hope to avoid that seemingly inevitable loss of enthusiasm, check out these ten ways to stay motivated.

Weight Loss Motivation1. One Day At A Time – Weight loss is a process. You can’t rush it and you won’t see results overnight. Live in the present and set goals that are easy to stick to.

2. Surround Yourself With Positivity – Avoid nay-sayers. Don’t let people tell you how hard it is to lose weight or what a drag it is to be on a diet.

3. Create A Dreamboard – Dreamboards can be fun to make and many people find them motivational. If you’re feeling discouraged try making one. Cover your board with places you want to go and things you want to do when you’ve reached your health goals.

4. Have Realistic Goals – Ask yourself what you want and set your goals accordingly. One of the problems that people run into is that they set impossible or incredibly difficult goals for themselves. Make sure your goals are attainable ones and start small then make them bigger once you have achieved success.

5. Reward Yourself – Never hesitate to reward yourself whenever you accomplish a goal, even a small one. Celebrate every pound lost.

6. Believe In Yourself – Again, weight loss won’t happen overnight. This means you may not see results immediately. Don’t let slow progress get you down. Remember that you can do it, but it takes time and patience.

7. Acknowledge Your Attributes – Everyone has different attributes and everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledge your positive attributes.

8. Be Kind To Yourself – If you do slack off one day or if you gain back a pound, do not be rough on yourself about it.

9. Visualize Accomplishing Your Goals – It is important not only to have realistic goals, but you also need to visualize your goals. Really think about them and see yourself accomplishing them whenever you don’t feel particularly motivated.

10. Focus On How You Feel – Never focus only on the scale. Eating healthy and exercising will make you feel better. Even if you are not immediately losing weight, you will be feeling better about yourself and having more energy. Focus on this, not just your weight loss.

MediPlan provides support to help you stick to your lifestyle changes. Having someone to support you can make a world of difference in maintaining a high level of motivation.