If you are a resident of Collierville and are trying to lose weight, you could not have been in a better place. Collierville offers a lot of activities that one can indulge in to have a good time and stay physically fit. From bike riding to jogging to sports like volleyball, you can find facilities and groups that you can join to help you with your mission of shredding a few pounds.

Collierville Greenbelt Trail

Recently, the Collierville Parks and Recreation department have released a Collierville Greenbelt guide to help facilitate bikers who want to explore the trails all around the city. For bike riding enthusiasts, this is a perfect way of gearing up and having the best ride of their life. The guide shows a map of the Greenbelt in addition to various maps of parks and trails all around Collierville. To help the rider plan out their rides, the mileage on each of the trails has also been specified. Grab one of the guides from the community center today and have a blast on the trails.


Collierville parks have incorporated smart phone technology to help you get a well monitored and fun run. Inside the parks, the trails specified for running and biking have posts with QR codes on them. The QR scanner on smart phones reads the code and tells you about the trail and what is the recommended exercise that you are required to do. Every post is like a checkpoint and will give you a new routine when the code is scanned. The exercises at each checkpoint are designed to stimulate different muscles in your body and give you an overall workout.


Collierville offers tennis leagues for both the youth and adults. The leagues are a great way to help you get active, while you also learn to play tennis. The green grassland topography of the area provides a good base to make tennis courts and the Collierville administration has made sure that they give their residents the best.


The great American pastime is a huge hit in Collierville. With fields available for everyone to play in, the leagues are established locally, where anyone who wants to join in and play the game is invited. What better way to lose weight than with a mix of pitching, swinging and running?


Another popular sport in Collierville will teach you teamwork and help you lose a lot of weight. When it comes to Collierville weight loss, there is nothing better than to join a team and punch the ball over the net. Be sure to visit the community center and find out about the different volleyball courts around Collierville.

So, what are you waiting on!  Get out there and get active today!

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