In Hernando, you can find numerous ways to get your fitness levels up. The city offers classes and activities for all fitness freaks.

Here are five of the top Hernando weight loss activities that you can participate in:


Zumba is a dance fitness program quite similar to aerobics developed by Columbian choreographer and dancer Alberto Perez. The city is very influenced by Columbian culture, which is why you will find Zumba classes very effective and fun. With only $10 a month, you can be instructed by JoAnn Lemoine and enjoy as you lose weight fast. It is also a good way to meet new people with similar interests.


Yoga is the ancient art that brings peace to the mind and body. It has a lot of benefits as it is a great stress reliever, with the added benefit of keeping you slim and smart. Yoga classes in Hernando are offered at the Gale centre and are instructed by Yogi Chris Purnell. For a nominal fee of $10 a month, you can easily find yourself loving the new art form that will keep you focused and fresh throughout your day.


With the rise of UFC, a lot more people are interested in mix martial arts. Kick boxing is for people that want to train their minds for faster reflexes and learn a bit of self defense if needed. The benefit of looking ripped and cut comes along as an additional plus. Kick boxers have a very lean body with good definition and the sport can keep you looking younger for longer. Kickboxing training is available at the Gale centre in Hernando, instructed by Alicia Burr.

Walking groups

Walking is very beneficial for people who want to stay trim and healthy. In Hernando, you can find many walking groups that are led by instructors who will keep you motivated and allow you to have a good time along the way. There are two types of walks offered at the Gale centre in Hernando, the brisk walk for an hour with Madeleine and the causal walk for an hour with Diane.

Senior Exercises

Some exercises may be too challenging for senior citizens, which is why special senior exercises are offered at the Gale centre free of cost. They are also chair exercises which will have senior citizens working out without excessive stress.

Find loads of fun with Hernando weight loss activities that will help you remain in good shape and meet new people.