Christmas is a time to dine and indulge yourself as you enjoy lots of fun with friends and family. With such an abundance of food to try, you can easily overindulge during the festivities.

However, you can still enjoy your Christmas holidays without eating so much food that you increase your waistline and negatively affect your health.

Research shows that people tend to gain weight during the holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day—and they don’t easily shed that weight gain before the next holiday season. Some studies have also linked seasonal weight gain to the many issues most people suffer in adulthood and with aging.

Here are some fun and easy ways you can eat healthily during the Christmas season and still enjoy yourself without feeling deprived.

Stay Active All Day Long

Although Christmas comes with many specials showing on TV and in cinemas, you don’t have to sit all day long. Go out as often as possible, and stay on your toes.

If possible, go for walks after dinner to improve digestion and burn off some calories. Give and encourage outdoor gifts such as scooters, bikes, Frisbees, or footballs to keep yourself and your loved ones active.

Play traditional games with your friends or family to stay active throughout the festive season.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

With lots of opportunities to drink alcohol over dinner, at parties, while hanging out with old friends, and especially on New Year’s Eve, make sure to drink very moderately. Try to limit yourself to one beer or glass of wine or spirits. Whenever possible, forego alcohol whenever you’re not feeling inclined (that is, don’t just drink because others are doing so), or opt for a glass of red wine, the healthiest choice.

Eat Small Portions at Christmas Dinner

Research shows that people tend to overeat at Christmas dinners, often consuming over 3,000 calories in a single seating.

As a result, the huge feasts usually lead to indigestion, weight gain, and heartburn. The kind of lethargy you develop after overeating makes it challenging to engage in physical activities that can help burn calories.

Eat small portions, and take a short 20 minutes break in between courses.

Avoid Cold Drinks

Opt for hot drinks to boost your immunity and fight cold viruses that are common during the Christmas holiday. Avoid cold drinks at this time, eat healthy foods, avoid smoking, and get enough sleep to boost your immune system.

Avoid Stress

With a list of things to do, buy, cook, and so on, Christmas holidays often come with lots of stress. Plan your holiday well and create enough time for each task on your to-do list.

Relax as you work on your list to avoid stress. Take time to laugh and watch comedy to kick the stress out of your system.

Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

Add lots of healthy fruits and vegetables to your Christmas menu for the vitamins and minerals they offer. Get different recipes to prepare your fruits and veggies for added interest.

Reach out to the needy around your home, think before you eat too much cheese and chocolates, engage your mind, and use healthy cooking methods when preparing meals. Above all, include physical activities and fun outdoor games in your daily chores to keep yourself active.

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