1. 71ln+h17J+L._SL1500_Fitness Solutions Doorway Sit Up Bar

Installs in seconds on most any door and helps to make sit ups much more effective. Click here to purchase it on Amazon.

2. 31eXKD4FN-LComplete Push Up Training System

This color-coded trainer gives you clear direction on how to best work out multiple muscle groups. Click here to purchase it on Amazon.

3. 81JVCUBj8GL._SL1500_Ab Carver Pro

Strengthen your core and tone your abs with one simple, efficient tool. A kinetic “engine” inside the Ab Carver creates resistance as you push forward, resulting in a smooth and comfortable, but intense and effective workout experience. Want to add one to your workout routine? Click here to purchase an Ab Carver Pro.

4. 71WEZvzGLrL._SL1500_Sony Waterproof Walkman

Imagine taking an invigorating swim while enjoying your favorite workout playlist! You can with Sony’s waterproof Walkman. This wireless wonder is iTunes- and Windows Media-compatible and ready to provide a full hour of music after just a 3-minute charge. Click here to purchase from Amazon and energize your next water aerobics session!

5. 61YRYwYtSJL._SL1500_Fitbit Flex Activity Bracelet

Physical activity is a crucial element in a complete fitness plan and this attractive and stylish bracelet helps you monitor your daily activity by tracking your steps, distance and calories burned throughout your busy day. Keep it on at night, too, because the Fitbit can also track your sleep cycle in order to help you learn how to get more restful, effective rest. Access all of this data from your computer or mobile device anytime! Click here to learn more and to buy one now.