We don´t know what it is about the New Year that gets everyone to make resolutions. Do the resolutions have something to do with the perpetual need to hope? Or, do people simply wait for the New Year for a fresh start? Although almost everyone makes New Year´s resolutions, more often than not, everyone breaks them too. If you have made a New Year´s resolution before, broken it, and are looking for ways to stop the cycle of not following through on your resolutions, you have come to the right place. Here are our top New Year´s resolution tips!

Tip 1: Try to focus on only one resolution

In order for you to follow through on your resolution, it is imperative for you to only focus on one resolution. It is ill-advised for you to make several resolutions. Your focus will be divided when you have more resolutions. And, if your eyes are not on the prize, you will fail at your endeavor. When making a resolution, you should choose something that is essential for you to change in your life.

Tip 2: The importance of planning ahead

Most people make New Year´s resolutions on a whim. If you do the same, you are destined to fail. If you are really serious about following through on a resolution, you must plan ahead to prepare yourself mentally. You also need to have a game plan on how to accomplish your resolution. For instance, if you are planning to lose weight and become fitter, you need to decide on a diet plan you intend to follow and an exercise routine that suits your timings and needs beforehand. Mediplan Diet offers a doctor supervised weight loss plan custom tailored for every patient. So, do give Mediplan Diet a call or a visit if you want a diet plan that suits your requirements and needs.

Tip 3: The importance of keeping your resolution simple and achievable

Let us be brutally honest here—your resolution to change your lifestyle will not happen overnight. You should have the patience to see light at the end of the tunnel. To improve your chances of being successful, you must first take baby steps. For instance, if you plan on becoming a runner, you won´t do yourself any favor by signing up for a marathon. Instead, you should only run for short while in the beginning, and attempt to increase your running duration as your fitness progresses. It is essential to be practical while making your resolution.

Tip 4: Go easy on yourself

Of course, everyone faces setbacks. However, that shouldn’t mean that you get distressed and depressed. It is not how hard or far you fall, but how high you bounce that matters. If you fail to stick to your resolution, don´t beat yourself over it. Instead, try to be constructive with your failure. Ask yourself why it didn’t work, or what you could do differently next time to achieve better results. You should keep asking yourself these questions in order to have a clear understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t; doing so improves your chances of following through on your resolutions.

Tip 5: Do whatever it takes to get to 21 days

In order to form a habit, it is necessary for you to commit to any act or activity for at least 21 days. Therefore, if you make a New Year´s resolution on 31st December, you should focus on following through on your resolution at least until January 21st. And, even if you don´t like your resolution all that much, at least you gave it a fair chance, right?

Tip 6: Reward yourself

If you make progress, it is also essential for you to reward yourself. So, how can you do that? Well, if you stick to your exercise routine for 6 days of the week, perhaps you could reward yourself by taking a day off? Or, if you are attempting to eat healthy and sticking to a clean diet for the most part, you could perhaps schedule one day to eat whatever you want?

Tip 7: Penalty Motivation

Of course, there should be some sort of a penalty too if you fail to stick to your resolution, right? Many experts believe that humans are more willing to avoid actual loss than be actually motivated by rewards or benefits. The tendency is called loss aversion and you could benefit by setting up penalties. So, what kind of penalties can motivate you to do better? If your resolution is to stop cursing, you could perhaps set up a swear jar?

Tip 8: Partner with someone who has a similar resolution

Partnering with someone who has a similar resolution can help you stick to your resolution. For instance, if your resolution is to exercise more, you should partner someone close whose resolution remains the same. You wouldn´t want to cancel on him/her now, would you? And, if you do face setbacks, the partner will be able to understand what you are going through and help you get through it. The partner can even serve as an inspiration or a motivating factor.

Tip 9: Always be aware of the reason that made you make your resolution

We believe that you truly didn’t make your resolution just for the sake of it. You made it because it is a part of your lifestyle that you want to change. You should always be aware of the reason that made you make your resolution. You can improve your chances of staying focused by writing the reason in your sticky notes, putting it on your calendar, or simply telling everyone about it everywhere you go.

Tip 10: Try to make it fun

If your resolution is to exercise more, you should improve your chances of sticking to your resolution by abandoning yourself to fun exercises. If you don´t like working out in the gym, you could instead take dance classes. Or, you could perhaps play a sport you prefer. Badminton, football, baseball, basketball, and swimming etc.–you have plenty of options to choose from!