While it’s common knowledge that proper diet and regular exercise are both essential to losing weight safely, many people overlook the role of water in weight loss. Numerous studies have already shown how increasing your water intake can help you lose weight.

Here are five reasons that highlight the role of water in weight loss and how you can benefit when you increase your water intake.

Water Helps Keep You Feel Full

The urge to overeat is one of the most difficult things to avoid when losing weight. It is not uncommon for people to feel the urge to eat comfort foods loaded with fat, salt, and sugar, especially if they have a particularly restrictive diet.

You can “trick” your brain into thinking that you’re full by increasing your water intake. There are also times when you might think you’re hungry when you’re actually feeling thirsty. Drinking a glass or two of water before reaching for snacks can prevent you from overeating.

Water can also help lower your liquid caloric intake. Instead of reaching for a glass of sugary soda or juice, drink water instead.

Water Increases Metabolism

According to a 2014 study, drinking cold water can help temporarily increase your metabolism even without additional exercise. The study found a 2% – 3% increase in burned calories during the 90 minutes after ingesting water.

The study theorized that participants burned additional calories to increase the water’s temperature in preparation for digestion.

Water Improves Digestion

Poor digestion can lead to a person feeling bloated and overweight. Increasing your water intake helps your digestive system function more efficiently by improving kidney function. Dehydration can also cause constipation, leading to extra pounds.

Increasing your water intake helps your body flush out solid waste and toxins. This is why you feel lighter and less bloated after going to the bathroom.

Water is a Critical Component of Burning Fat

Your body burns fat through a process called lipolysis. Water is an essential component of this process. During the first step of lipolysis, water molecules in your body interact with the stored fats to create fatty acids and glycerol.

Lipolysis cannot occur without enough water. Increasing your water intake ensures that your body constantly burns fat, even without added exercise.

Water Improves Exercise

Drinking water is important during exercise for several reasons. It helps your muscles and joints move properly as well as keeps your internal organs working correctly as you work up a sweat. You won’t be able to exercise properly if you are dehydrated.

Once you start feeling muscle cramps or fatigue, it is your body’s way of signaling that you’re not drinking enough water during your workouts.

Lose Weight Safely and Effectively with MediPlan Diet Services

Now that you know the role of water in weight loss, the question is, how much water do you need to drink if you want to lose weight? While popular knowledge holds that you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day, you need to drink more if you’re exercising regularly.

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