Let me go on record right off the bat and state for the record that I love a good ribeye. And a juicy burger. And veal parmesan. Oh, and Italian meatballs. And Swedish meatballs, too?

Look, bottom line: don’t get the impression that this blog post about Meatless Mondays is coming from some tie-dyed, “Meat is Murder” type who smells vaguely of incense and vanilla vape.

I promise that’s not me. I’m someone who orders my steak medium rare and is planning to whip up a platter of meatballs for my family’s Christmas potluck.


You saw it coming didn’t you? The “but.”

But, you and I know that red meat has its downside when consumed at the rate Americans currently consume it.

And boy, do we consume it. Per the MeatlessMonday.com website, Americans eat, on average, a ½ pound of meat per day. That’s about two times the amount consumed by folks just a couple of generations ago.

The primary problem? Diets high in red and processed meat have been linked to cancer, heart disease, and increased risk of stroke.

“BUT MEAT TASTES SO GOOD,” you wail in protest.

Agreed. You’re preaching to the choir. But, let’s take a deep breath and remember the name of the website I mentioned: Meatless Mondays.

Here’s the big idea. Cut your meat intake just one day per week to improve your health.

The Meatless Mondays campaign launched in 2003 in conjunction with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and has grown into a worldwide movement with participants in 36 countries.

For more information on how going meat-free one day per week is healthful – and actually very easily executable – visit www.meatlessmonday.com. There, you’ll find scientific dietary studies that offer insight into the benefits of reducing our meat intake. You can also discover their research on why they chose Monday as the best day of the week. Apparently, there was a bit more to it than the alliterative Meatless Monday moniker.

If you believe you can join me and resolve to give up red and processed meats on Mondays during 2016, then call Mediplan Diet Services today or click the Schedule an Appointment button above to contact us for advice, a health and fitness screening, and a personalized diet plan.