Doing physical activity is crucial in helping with reaching your weight loss goals.  Physical activity, even in small amounts, causes your brain to release dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals improve your mood while you take the steps to lose weight. They can act as positive reinforcement and encouraging you to get active again!

The gym can be a boring place to work out, so you can always change it up and take your workout outside!  There are a ton of things to do outside and there are benefits to just being outside as well including an immune system boost from natural sunlight.

Take a look at these outdoor activities to help you lose weight:


If you’re more interested in being on the water rather than among the trees give kayaking a try. It is an excellent upper body and core workout. Being near water will also keep you cooler on the hottest days. Kayak rentals and lessons are relatively inexpensive and often available at local rivers and lakes. You can use a single-person kayak or a double to go out with a friend. If you really enjoy it you can invest in your own equipment as well.


People are surprised to discover how much of a workout gardening can be. You can easily burn hundreds of calories in just an hour. Along with burning calories outside, if you grow your own fruits and vegetables, it makes it a lot easier for you to eat fresh, raw produce. Vegetables you have grown yourself always taste better and are more satisfying than store-bought ones.


Going for a hike is great because you don’t need any special equipment aside from a good pair of shoes, water and maybe a buddy for company. Trails provide natural intensity spikes and walking on hiking trails burns three times more calories than walking on a flat surface. Walking is great in general, but getting out in nature on your walks is even better. State parks are a great place to find trails of all different lengths to get started.

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