Walk it off! The best way to lose weight is walking enough, but with today’s readily available transport system and phone apps that get you instant taxis, who’s got the time? Make some time! Personal trainers at the gym will tell you that walking on the ground is very healthy for you. Not even a treadmill is as effective.

To burn 500 calories, you need 10,000 steps a day and with just a little bit of effort and planning, you can stay in the best shape you have ever been.

How to achieve the 10,000 target?

Get a pedometer

First of all, what you have to do is get a pedometer. These days, getting a pedometer requires absolutely nothing. The easiest way to get a pedometer is installing an app created specifically for this purpose. Your Smartphone, while being in your pocket, will calculate your steps each day and let you know how much you need to catch up on.

Gradually increase the target

If you’re just setting the new walk target, do not start with a behemoth target of 10,000 steps. That is a lot. The best way to go about it is to gradually increase the target 300 steps each day.

Set your mind for more walking

If you do not live too far away from where you work, it is a pleasurable experience to grab your earphones and search for playlists that can make your walk home the best experience ever. You will start to love missing the last bus home. Gradually start to make room for more walking in your life. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator if it’s just a few floors above you.

Set a power hour

Dedicate one hour of the day where you will try to complete the most steps you can. Gradually, with time, you will be able to cover more ground after you’ve practiced your power walk well.

Sneak in some extra steps in your daily routine

  • Avoid walking monotony and take different routes every day.
  • Get off from a bus, at a distance from your destination and walk towards it.
  • Walk to a friend’s place in your free time if you feel like hanging out.
  • Ask the friend to walk with you for a while and shoot the breeze.
  • Limit your social media use and just take a stroll down the street when bored.

Walk every day and stay healthy. Southaven weight loss clinics recommend people to walk everyday as it is good for the health and your physique. Walking can also help you avoid diabetes and blood pressure problems. So grab those sneakers and get stepping.