Metabolism is really just a fancy word for the combination of body processes that transform food into body fuel and excess waste. Proper hydration helps to ensure that those processes run efficiently and smoothly.

Science aside, think of this: your body actually has a difficult time distinguishing between hunger and thirst. If you’re walking around feeling a gnawing hunger, there’s a chance you may simply be dehydrated. Try reaching for a bottle of water instead of a snack.

Recent studies have found that simply drinking a glass of water right before a meal can inspire a full feeling and help you eat less.

One study in particular found that people who drank water before a meal consumed an average of 75 fewer calories at that meal. Those 75 calories per meal really add up fast to a significant potential weight loss.

How much water is enough? Is it possible to drink too much water?

Let’s take one question at a time.

You may recall in science and health class, we were told to drink eight glasses of water each day. One size fits all: how convenient. Of course, nothing is truly one size fits all and that eight-glass-per-day recommendation has evolved into something a bit more specific.

Trent Nessler, the managing director of Baptist Sports Medicine in Nashville, recommends between one-half and one ounce of water per pound of body weight per day.

It is certainly possible to drink too much water. Water intoxication can be fatal, however it is quite rare and usually a result of extraordinary circumstances including extreme over-exertion and ill-conceived water drinking contests.

That being said, we recommend you drink your daily intake of water throughout the day and avoid the discomfort of consuming it all in a short period of time.

So how can you boost your weight loss plan by watering it down? It isn’t difficult, here are a few tips from WebMD:

  • Carry an insulated sports bottle with you and fill it up periodically.
  • Keep a glass of water on your desk at work.
  • Keep another glass next to your bed. Many of us wake up dehydrated first thing in the morning.
  • Switch one glass of soda or cup of coffee for a glass of water.