Weight loss is critical to healthy living. Despite the importance of having the right body weight, many people worldwide are struggling to lose weight. Poor eating habits and living inactive lifestyles are major causes of obesity and unhealthy weights in many people.

Lack of weight loss motivation has also made it hard for over-weight and obese people to consistently lose excess weight and live healthily. Weight loss apps are tools for losing excess body weight and calories in a healthy way without regaining lost body weight.

Moreover, the apps are easily usable on the go to ensure that you still get to cut down on your weight even when traveling. According to various studies, apps for weight loss such as activity monitor and food trackers facilitate more weight loss than if no apps are used.

In fact, studies have revealed that people with weight issues can lose up to twice more calories than those not using weight loss apps. There are several apps that can help you move more, and eat better at minimal to no cost. Food tracker apps can help you know what you consume and its quantity.

The majority of weight loss apps have a strong social community where you can share your food diary with your dietitian or friends. As a result, the apps can help you keep track of your calorie intake or consumption and loss.

Top 7 Weight Loss Apps You Can Use to Track Your Progress for Effective Results

Lose It and My Fitness Pal

The two are food trackers with high rating and popularity. They can help you create your personal goal on shedding off calories. Use it to keep track of what you consume to help you know whether you’re achieving your goals or not. The database of Lose It and My Fitness Pal feature over 6 million meals and foods.

Furthermore, you can sync any of the two weight loss apps with wearables such as Android and Apple phones for compatibility reasons.

Am I Hungry or Using a Mindful Eating Tracker?

Am I Hungry and Mindful Eating Tracker are weight loss apps for people who don’t like monitoring each nibble or calorie-count they consume or lose. They can help you eat based on your fullness cues and personal hunger. They are perfect for you if you’d like to differentiate emotional from physical hunger.

You get to log your hunger levels and feelings instead of calories to help you track the cues in the form of graphs. This is totally different from paper journaling.

Charity Miles and FitBit Weight Loss Apps

Weight loss motivation is key to shedding off excess calories. The two apps are built on distinct motivation sources to keep you moving, hence increased weight loss. Increased activity and movement throughout the day can help you maintain healthier body weights, reduce stress and even get better sleep at night. All these factors facilitate weight loss.

FitBit weight loss app can help you track your physical activities without the need to run it on a FitBit watch or device. Use the free app to track your steps during the day and walking workouts. Moreover, the app has advanced or strong community features. You can also connect with your family and friends already using the FitBit app.

With an established connection, you can engage in varied challenges, sharing your progress if need be or desired. On the other hand, Charity Miles is an app meant to motivate you to workout or exercise by helping those in need. Designed to support purposeful movements, the app can enable you to bike, run or even walk to generate money for your preferred charity.

With at least 30 unique charities to choose from, Charity Miles can earn you some cash as you walk to your chosen destination.


This is a weight loss app designed to help you change your bad habits for increased weight loss. The app was developed by Yale researchers (three). First, develop an agreement and sign it to ensure you follow through with your intentions. Come up with a goal; for instance, you can resort to walking daily or eating more fruits and vegetables in their darts. The apps can also help you stay motivated.

Weight loss apps can also help you find and stay motivated to losing weight effectively. They work by fining you heavily if you fail to engage in your exercise or workout routines. For instance, you can pay a friend or charity money as a form of punishment for failing to follow your existing procedures within the app for weight loss.

According to various studies, putting money on yourself can increase your chance of becoming successful by three-fold. The apps also get you to pick a workout referee. This is an individual with whom you’re expected to share your personal goal and expectations. Doing so helps you keep track of your exercises and progress, ensuring you attain your weight loss goals.

Are Weight Loss Apps Right For You?

In addition to using the apps, you need to come up with a workout plan for regular exercises. Combine strengthening and cardio workouts for the best results. Living an active lifestyle and taking short breaks while working in the office can also help you cut calories and shed off excess fats in your body. Sign up with a local gym or workout from home.

The need for eating healthy foods is also important. Take a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and decrease your carbohydrates levels to facilitate weight loss. Apart from eating nutritious foods, drinks lots of water daily to keep your skin and body hydrated. Sufficient water in your body also increases your metabolism for faster weight loss.

With effective weight loss tips, weight loss apps and the motivation to work on your weight, only the sky is the limit. Don’t forget to eat your food in the right portions to ensure you only consume what’s needed by your body without leaving any excesses for storage in your body.

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