Using the buddy system has advantages in a variety of situations and you probably remember it from school field trips. It’s also used a lot in adventurous outdoor activities for safety purposes. But did you know that you can use the buddy system for weight loss? Recent studies have even shown that it helps people to lose weight faster as well as stick with their fitness plans.

How the Buddy System Works

In has been found that people with at least three friends or family members supporting them to lose weight were much more successful than those who went about the difficult process alone. Not only did they lose weight faster, but they also kept it off.

A buddy or two can help to hold you accountable and you share your eating log with them each day. They also share theirs with you and you work together at eating right. You can also go to the gym together and attend fitness classes together as well – everything is more fun with a friend.

You’re a lot less likely to binge eat and give in to the temptation to eat unhealthy food when you have someone to share your food logs with. You are also less likely to skip your gym trips and more likely to stick to your workout routine. You can also give one of your buddies a call or send them an email when you feel like you’re about to get off track and eat a big slice of cake. In other words, a buddy stops you from falling off of the wagon and you work to keep your buddy on track as well.

Finding a Buddy

If you’re currently working on losing weight then chances are someone else you know is trying to lose weight too. Ask around among your friends, relatives and colleagues at work. Both you and your buddy, or buddies, will benefit. You can also add a bit of competition to your workouts and meeting your weight loss goals if you both find it motivational.

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