From office Christmas parties to traditional homemade holiday goodies, we are surrounded by temptation throughout the month of December.

And it’s so easy to succumb to that temptation.

We get it. Nearly all of us here at Mediplan Diet Services feel that same temptation.

But, what if I told you that you don’t have to wait until your New Year’s resolution to shed a little weight.

Nope, I’m not crazy.

We have worked for years to develop, test, and implement diet strategies that work – no matter the time of year. And with a little focus and willpower on your part, we’re confident these strategies can help you keep your health and fitness plan on track during the holidays.

You can contact us for a complete rundown of our capabilities, ideas, supplements, and more. But first, keep reading to discover our top five tips to keep you weight in check this Christmas.

Drink Water!

Yep, it’s simple. It’s obvious. But it’s often overlooked. Cooler weather means we sweat less, which means our bodies take a little longer to dehydrate. But that doesn’t mean your body needs less water. Drink up. You’ll likely feel less hungry, consume less food at meals and snacks, and reap the benefits when you step on the scale.

Adjust Your Goals!

It’s inevitable that you’ll be surrounded by more food during the holidays. And in many instances, you’ll feel rude if you don’t eat to take part in the festivities. Prepare for the holidays NOW if you haven’t already by taking stock of your current weight loss rate and coming to terms with the perfectly acceptable fact that your loss rate may decrease. If you mentally prepare to experience the phenomenon, you likely won’t feel discouraged in the way you might if you haven’t come to terms with this. And you’ll hear me say this in nearly every blog I write: getting fit and losing weight mostly happens between your ears.

Avoid Alcohol

Your favorite holiday cocktail likely has more calories than you think. If you enjoy a couple of them and even a small plate of hors d’oeuvres, you could quickly consume a day’s worth – or more – of calories. Imbibe wisely.

Eat Small Meals

Not bad advice throughout the year, and it’s something that can truly help you out during the holidays. Eating four or five micro-meals throughout the day keeps your metabolism humming along and when it’s time to attend that evening Christmas party, you aren’t famished to the point of mindlessly grazing at the meat and cheese table.

Make Smart Choices!

I just mentioned the meat and cheese table. Try instead to search out the fruit and veggie tray instead! Always choose water instead of alcohol, coffee, or egg nog, and when you’re in charge of the menu, select more fish and chicken rather than red meats. Treat yourself with a (small) burger after the holidays!

Plan ahead, focus on your overall goals, and maybe try to squeeze in a few moments of treadmill time between Amazon shopping sprees. Maybe we’ll all make it through the holidays in one piece.