Losing weight has been a paradox among many individuals especially those who engage in DIY weight loss activities. Health problems arise because many simply don’t understand the mechanics of losing weight and that not all weight loss products will work for all types of individuals. The best way to lose weight is through a medically supervised program like those provided by your Memphis diet clinic, Mediplan Diet Services.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Weight Loss

If you really want to lose weight it is essential to understand why you gain weight in the first place. There are many reasons why people gain weight. Some say it is because of genetics. Some are the result of another disease or even the medications or substances that people take. It is for this particular reason that individuals who really want to lose weight are advised to seek consultation with a professional in a weight loss clinic to help determine if such weight issues can be resolved by more conventional management alone like diet and exercise or will require the use of certain medications to help in weight reduction.

Generally, however, the reason why we gain weight is that there is substantial imbalance between the amount of energy that we derive from food and the amount of energy that we spend in our activities of daily living. It makes perfect sense, actually. If we put energy into our bodies more than what our body can spend, then the excess will have to be converted into storable forms of energy. Unfortunately, doing so will lead to weight gain.

Mediplan Diet Services always informs its clients that it is this imbalance between the consumption of energy-giving foods and the expenditure of these energy molecules that results in weight gain. As such, losing weight entails the changing of either or both of these parameters. You can either reduce your energy consumption by going on a diet or increase your energy expenditure by engaging in more strenuous physical activities or even do both.

The fewer energy you consume, the fewer chances that there will be excess energy to be stored. The more energy you spend in exercising or even in simple household activities, the greater the chances of using stored energy. Both of these activities can thus, lead to weight loss. This is the very foundation of weight loss.

Weight Loss Resolution through Sensible Dieting

When exercise is simply not an option for you, then you need to focus on dieting. However, it is very important not to do it alone. You need the expertise of a diet practitioner to help you design a weight loss diet that is specifically tailored to your needs. This is because there are individual differences that need to be factored in the design of such programs.

Generally, your overall health and well-being are considered so that any underlying condition is taken into account. Going on a diet does not simply mean to deprive your body of the energy that it needs. It is very important that you do not deprive yourself of what is needed by the vital organs of your body to function optimally. This is why the role of a diet doctor is basically to strike a balance between weight loss and support of vital organ functioning. If you lose weight at the expense of organ dysfunction like the heart, the brain, or even the kidneys and liver, then it would not simply make sense.

The idea behind our program, is to design a sensible diet plan wherein your general health status is taken into full consideration. This is what is ensured by the professional weight loss doctors at Mediplan Diet Services in Memphis. They conduct a very thorough examination of your health status including your basal and adjusted metabolic rates to come up with a reasonable basis for your sensible diet plan. Additionally, they will determine the presence of any underlying medical condition that may affect the diet program or be impacted by modifications in your diet. This is crucial since what you don’t want to happen is for another health problem to crop up.

Medically Assisted Weight Loss

For certain individuals who may not really respond to a programmed diet, a medically assisted weight loss program may help. In this type of program, you may be given an appetite suppressant such as phentermine to help control your appetite and help reduce your food intake. It should be noted that the FDA has strictly prohibited the over the counter use of such drugs. It is for this reason that only a doctor can help you lose weight by prescribing you these medications to help you curb your appetite.

Weight loss using appetite suppressants is a very controversial topic. However, if the medication is provided or administered by a fully licensed professional, then many of the issues surrounding its use are effectively negated. To help allay fears of possible drug misuse, these appetite suppressants are highly controlled by doctors at Mediplan Diet Services. This helps ensure that the medication will not be abused or misused by the individual taking it. More importantly, diet doctors will be able to effectively monitor the progress of the weight loss regimen so that optimum results can be achieved.

Losing weight can be really challenging especially if you are going to do it yourself. A professional weight loss specialist is needed to help design a more sensible diet plan for you. In cases where you will need support to kickstart your weight loss process, then medications can be provided to help you in your journey towards a healthier and fitter body.

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