In our teens and twenties, we often feel invincible. We eat what we like, party all night, and then get up the next day with few ill-effects. At around thirty, this starts to change. Many people notice their clothes getting tighter and the numbers on the scale climbing higher.

This is a natural part of aging. Every ten years or so, our muscle mass drops by about 2%. Our metabolism slows as a result, and it seems easier for our weight to creep up. So, you can offset this natural, though not inevitable, part of getting older if you apply the correct tips.

Weight Loss Tips for Your Thirties

Forget the Fads

Fad diets work initially, and that explains their popularity. They are not, however, sustainable or even healthy for you. You may lose pounds of water weight, but it’ll come back with a vengeance when you eat normally again.

Worse still, they can affect your metabolism by sending your body into starvation mode. As such, you’ll find it harder to lose weight again afterward.

Adjust your eating habits rather than following a crash diet. The team at MediPlan Diet Services can create a custom plan that will help you lose weight safely and keep it off.

Drop the Booze Cruise

The odd beer or glass of wine here and there won’t hurt you. You may even have one small drink a day without it sabotaging your weight loss efforts. If you’re serious about losing weight, however, you’ll need to monitor your intake carefully.

Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories, and it helps you loosen your inhibitions. When you’re stone-cold sober, you have the willpower to resist that double cheeseburger with chili-cheese fries. When intoxicated, you’ll likely crave it.

For those serious about losing weight as quickly as possible, choose the better option and avoid alcohol altogether.

Swap Sugary Soda for Water

Many health experts consider sugary soda as bad for you as alcohol. Sugar activates the same reward centers in the brain, making sugar addictive. Switch these empty calories for water if you want to lose weight.

The average person should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. A more accurate way to determine how much you should drink is to use the following formula:

(Your weight in pounds) * 67% = number of ounces of water to drink a day.

If you find water unpalatable, you may add lemon or lime juice or infuse it with herbs or cucumber. 

Take Your Parent’s Advice

Remember how your parents used to tell you to eat all your vegetables and go to bed early? As it turns out, they were correct. Getting enough sleep also helps you maintain a healthy weight. If you don’t sleep at least seven to eight hours a night, you risk upsetting the body’s hormonal system.

This results in sleep deprivation. The knock-on effect means you may find it harder to make healthy food choices when sleep deprived. Your brain will also naturally crave high-calorie, high-fat foods.

Would you like a shortcut to overall wellness? Call MediPlan Diet Services at (901) 362-7546 to schedule your consultation today. Our expert team will give you a head start with a scientifically formulated weight loss plan tailored to your body and lifestyle.