I just got home from dropping my kids off at school. I haven’t even taken off my hoodie yet.

Wait, what?

The calendar said August just a day or so ago, but this morning a refreshing blast of cool, comfortable air had me reaching deep into my closet for a hoodie I haven’t seen since April.

I am no fan of summertime heat. And balancing a desire to lose weight – and regular exercise is key for me to do that successfully – with the thought of exerting copious amounts of energy to get in a workout in 90-degree temperatures is a struggle for me. So my treadmill and yoga videos become regulars on my summertime exercise to-do lists.

But this hoodie…

This hoodie that I’ve yet to take off has inspired me to compile a list of fun an creative outdoor activities that we can integrate into our exercise regimen now that it’s beginning to get a little more comfortable to do so.

Meet the Neighbors

How long has it been since you offered more than wave to the neighbor as you both took garbage to the curb or collected the bills out of your mailboxes? Spend a Saturday morning walking – or jogging depending upon your abilities – around your neighborhood and reintroduce yourself to folks you see enjoying the cooler weather as much as you are. You may even find a running partner.

Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt

Here around Memphis and the Mid-South, we have a number of award-winning farmer’s markets – and even if you’re reading this outside the Memphis area, chances are good that your community or a neighboring one features some kind of an open air market. Go find it! Make a list of your favorite healthy foods and hunt them all down while walking through the market. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone: you’re out and getting active while shopping for fresh, healthy foods! A win-win! Although take note, many smaller community markets will begin to wind down in fall and may close up shop entirely by mid-October, so act fast if this sounds like fun.

Stand-up Paddle boarding


Yeah, I know. But hear me out.

A day or so ago, my sister-in-law posted a picture on Facebook of a picturesque lake. At the bottom of the image you could see what appeared to be the front tip of a rather wide surfboard. Turns out she was doing stand-up paddle board yoga.

I certainly don’t have the balance for watercraft yoga, but I certainly do believe I could stand atop a paddle board and row around a calm lake. Sounds peaceful, right? And imagine the benefits to your abs!

Next time you’re at Pickwick, Sardis, or Reelfoot Lakes, give it a try. I’m certainly going to.

Nature Trail Bingo

I’d be remiss to suggest paddle boarding at the lake without also including a reminder to lace up your hiking boots and hit a trail or two. To further immerse yourself in the hike – and to keep your mind off of your increasingly aching calves – prepare and bring along a list indigenous birds, animals, and trees you may see along the way and play Nature Trail Bingo!


So look, this one isn’t all that creative, but it sure is fun. Your kids or grandkids have been pleading with you all summer to join them outside.

But geez it was hot.

Goldilocks season is here. Not too hot, not too cold. Go shoot some hoops, toss a baseball, and take a spin around the block on a bike. You and the little ones will treasure the time togther and it’s an amazing way to get active that feels absolutely nothing like “exercise.”

Pretty soon there may be snow or ice on the ground to hinder our outdoor workouts, so until then, I’ll see you outside!