We all know what that sound is.  When your tummy starts to grumble, reach for one of these healthy snack options!

1.  Chocolate Dipped Almond Butter Banana Bites
Fruit, nuts and a little chocolate make this snack stand out!  Slice the banana and spread on a little almond butter.  Throw in the freezer to harden, then dip them in a little chocolate.  Click here to read more.

2.  Fruit Kabobs
You can’t go wrong with this colorful snack.  The rotate in-season fruits for maximum punch!  For a more balanced snack, incorporate cheese and grapes to the mix.

3.  Chips and Salsa
Satisfy the urge to crunch!  Substitute pita chips instead of corn tortilla chips for a lower calorie option.  Serve it up with pico de gallo or homeade salsa.

4. Cheese Sticks
If you use skim-milk mozzarella and utilize the oven instead of fryer, this cheesy treat will leave you satisfied without the extra calories.  Click here for the full recipe.

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