The Newest Memphis Diet Craze – The Whole 30

Do you know that there are certain food groups such as grain, sugar, legumes and dairy that can have negative effects on your fitness and health without you even knowing about it?

Are your energy levels non-existent or inconsistent?

Have you been trying for months to lose weight but have not been successful regardless of how hard you try?

There may be some components in your diet that actually are working against your fitness and weight loss.

With the Whole30 Diet, you are bound to get better because you will be stripping off the unhealthy, gut disrupting, inflammatory and hormone unbalancing food groups for just 30 days. It is time to push the reset button and work from zero to make you lose weight in a healthy way.

Following the Whole30 Diet is bound to change your life.

If you begin today, you are going to witness a great change in your life. You will get to change your cravings and habits in just a month. And, quite possibly, it will change your pattern of eating for the rest of your life.

5 things to know about Whole30 Diet

Here are the most important things to know if you want to follow the healthy Whole30 Diet to lose weight and be more healthy, fit and fine.


Eat Real Food

Yes, treat yourself with real food. Have eggs, meat, vegetables, seafood and plenty of good oils from seeds and nuts.


Say no to Added Sugar

Say goodbye to all kinds of added sugar whether artificial or real. Also set aside honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, xylitol, splenda and the like.


Refrain from Using Alcohol

It is time to bid farewell to alcohol. Stop using it altogether, not even in cooking meals. Similarly, also get rid of all those tobacco products stacked on your shelf.


Say Goodbye To Dairy

For 30 days, stop taking all kinds of meat products such as cheese, cream, yogurt, kefir and even sour cream. You can use ghee or clarified butter.


Don’t Recreate Junk Food or Baked Goods

Yes, it is better not to cheat in this 30 days period by recreating dishes with the ingredients that we have approved you to take. This is not going to help you in losing weight and regaining fitness.

If you have been trying to lose weight but haven’t been successful yet, you should definitely give a try to the Whole30 Diet and be on the course of losing weight straight away with Mediplan Diet. It is time to stay fit and healthy.  To learn more Memphis diet tips and helpful information, Like us on Facebook!