Last week, we highlighted a recent study that concluded that regular exercise had a demonstratively positive effect on the efficacy of chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

Although the study was relatively small and on mice, the results were heralded as positive and proof that safe, condition-appropriate exercise may be helpful in battling breast cancer.

Here’s the thing – kind of the elephant in the room.

You and I both know – whether through personal experience or caring for a loved one undergoing chemo – that some days it feels impossible to get out of bed, much less even think of performing anything remotely like exercise.

On the other days, we encourage the patient to do exactly that. Get out of bed and find the motivation to move, however little.

But first the disclaimer.

Any exercise a breast cancer patient performs must be approved by their doctor. If the patient regularly exercised prior to the diagnosis and treatment, discuss that regimen with your doctor and determine which of the patient’s favorite exercises are still perfectly good options today.

If you or your loved one is new to exercise, it is perhaps even more crucial to have an in-depth conversation about how a new exercise plan will effect the patient’s treatment – and their body.

After that conversation, we invite you to call us here at Mediplan Diet Services. We have years of experience in constructing highly specialized fitness plans and we can create one for you based on this very specific need.

We look forward to the opportunity to helping you or your loved one fight the battle of a lifetime.